Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anything for My Daughter (Part 1)

Another new mom/daugher mini series! I think this one might be my favorite (cause the mom is so dang hot!).
Part 1A

Part 1B
Links: Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


  1. LOL & Brilliant! Great job & use of picsz. I love the story. I hoe the mom loves being the daughter since I don't see her giving up her moms body anytime soon! LOL! again thaans for all the F/F swaps

    Bte the way hows the girl doign with her new husband? I assume shes married as her mom does seem to have to go to work?

    1. Lol, I should really include more of the realism stuff into my caps. I actually JUST finished this story, and I won't have anything on their jobs and whatnot. I'll try and explain though...

      I'm thinking the daughter is enjoying every part of being her mom-- the body (of course), her job (she loves having one, and thinks her mom's secretary job is easy), and yes, even her new husband (for her, since she's in her mom's body she feels like she really IS her mom, and that means she can treat her dad like her hubby).

      I'll try and add more background in later caps; sorry! :(

    2. Thanks for the answer makes sense!

    3. Really love this one! Agree that mom is hot but also wonder where you found the picture of daughter?

    4. @Anonymous - My friend found the picture actually, and I believe it was on a site where they don't have multiple pics of the same person, so I sadly won't be able to find her again I don't think. :(

      Glad you like it though!

  2. Both bodies are hot! Love the details you added above!



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