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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Center of Attention

Part 1

Part 2
"While at a pool party, and tired of being ignored all her life, a girl unleashes her secret weapon: a costume gun!" 

The pictures for this request were also requested.

Gets Worse

"Hey! What about a body hopper caption about a guy who met an italian girl in college and fall in love with her. She take advatage of the situation to steal his body. Later (in the italian girl's body) he discovered that she is a fugitive criminal, wanted by the government … well … he is now…
Thanks =D "

Getting Back

"I would like a Great Shift swap between a 40 something white guy named James and a 20 something Asian girl maned Mara "

The Lead

"I love your captions! Could you possibly do one where a high school theatre nerd is cast in his schools production of the Wizard of Oz but is stuck as a munchkin and so to get a leading part he tries to switch bodies with one of the male stars but accidentally switches with Dorthy? Thanks, it would me a lot. "

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