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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Driving Friends Away

Part 1

Part 2
"Can you make f2f where friend steals this girl´s body?"

The picture for Part 2 was also requested.

Swap Partiers

Forgot about these...
"If love to see more body swap parties. Where everyone goes to a party to swap bodies and the host has to get them back in the right body when it's all over. "


"Could you do a F2F / Trait swap caption with this picture, please?
The story could be something along this lines:
The girl on the right laughs nervously, trying to hide her dismay. Somehow her nerdy roommate, who she is always picking on, has become stronger than her! 
- Wow! Have you been working out? - She asks while straining to move the girl's arm. She is starting to feel dizzy from the effort, and her own muscles seem to shrink compared with her buff rival. 
- Yeah, something like that - Her roommate replies coyly, while another bit of muscle mass is transferred from the bully's body into hers. When she is done with her, she will be as weak as a kitten! "

The picture for this caption was also requested.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

In the Cool Group

"A shy, new kid in school 'included' in the cheerleader clique, by switching his body with one of the hot cheerleaders there.. He then starts to act and think like the cheerleaders! "


Part 1

Part 2
"I had an idea for a caption about a viral body hopper, hope you like it! 
She is at the beach, confident that she still has months until her current body is rendered useless. But she had miscalculated, and suddenly all her party girl excesses from the last months catch up, and her body begins to age. 
She panics, and struggles with her increasingly decrepit vessel to get close to another host. Fortunately for her, she manages to posses a young woman's body in the last moment. The ashes of her old body dissolve in the water."

The pictures for both parts were also requested.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mom's Pedestal

Your mother had caught your worst.
Here you were, in front of the computer, doing things
a mom should never see. Your mom was perfect in a lot of ways. 
She never seemed to do wrong. And there she just sat, with
that smug look on that face of hers, as if she expected more from you.

All you could think while she was staring at you was,
"Man... I wish she could just understand what it felt like to 
be someone else. Get off her high horse for once."
Little did you know, you'd get what you wanted.
But what exactly did happen?
(choose based on your birth month)

Monday, November 17, 2014

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