Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Everyone Wants to be Me

Part 1

Part 2


  1. FREAT to srring you posting again.
    Excllent story & use of pics. The beautiful girl is really thinks highly of herself. Great motivstion for her to get an a so she still get money form her folks. I wonder if the shy girl gets anything - aside for being her for a day? Also, I think the beautiful girl is taking a real chance of losing her boody!

  2. What a nice surprise to wake up to! Thanks for the update Teh! Great work as always

  3. Could you possibly, pretty please do a cap where a seventeen year old boy named Ed is forcefully taken and used for experimental body-swapping equipment and switches with an adult woman? The two gradually have their minds assimilate with their bodies over a period of time, but in the process the two scramble for a way to switch back, only to fail? Than you!

  4. Welcome back ;) although it's a bit early to start requesting, could we see Vicki Li in more of your caps? Thanks!

  5. Great little story, why do I get the feeling that the longer Phoebe is in Beth's body the less she's going to want to give it up?


    1. Really? Phoebe looks better. Maybe Beth will see the potential

  6. You should continue this cap! I would love to see how Beth reacts to being in Phoebe's body!

  7. Happy to see captioning again! Thank you.

    I really like the idea, I wouldn't mind seeing it go further and the shy girl really get in to the part and start acting as self absorbed and conceited as Beth!


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