Friday, July 15, 2016

Moments of Confusion


  1. very well w ritten story! Was in mutual?

    1. Thanks! I didn't intend for it to be so mysterious, but I couldn't really think of who I wanted the girl to be. I wanted to write more about that in the cap but ran outta room, so I'll expand on it this time. ;D

      Couldn't decide if she was a girl who was done with her life and donated her body to this underground place, or someone whose body was stolen. I was leaning towards the former, thinking the idea of a girl with that kind of emotion would be a really interesting person's body to inherit. Also, the girl in the picture has that ind of look to her. I'm also not sure of whether this clinic is keeping the girl's brain in a stasis to transfer to another person, or if she's just been disposed of... either way the man's body won't be used by anyone.

      So not officially mutual. But I think it was getting there.

  2. thanks! great answer & your right about the puc

  3. For this sort of story I like to imagine a future world in which custom-designed mindless bodies can be grown quickly and people can have their selves transferred into them permanently. Lots of spoiled young women have this done, leaving a glut of young female bodies, some much nicer than their original owners realize, available cheaply. So e. g. a lonely nerdy guy buys one and with a little work is a rather cute young nerd girl with a fine if very feminine brain, and ends up happily married.

    The girl in the picture is very pretty for a cast-off body but maybe she hated being a ginger, so some old guy gets a bargain...

  4. Love the redhead cap! Would love to see more!


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