Thursday, July 6, 2017

Humans of the... Minor Shift #1

Ughh. This did NOT come naturally to me.
Was trying to scaffold off TG Swapping Caps' idea,
but it really wasn't easy for me to write with this perspective.

Hoping to get better at this in the future.
Also hoping to do this with misc. things besides 
Minor Shift and Great Shift.


  1. You underestimate yourself. These are very good. I'd love to see one with younger girls (8 to 14) having swapped into beautiful young women (18 to 30). Maybe you can make it as a therapy meeting for several such cases after the Minor Shift (or the Great Shift, anyway)

    The only thing this was missing was that. All the victims were already adults in this story.

    1. Oh this is very interesting. I like connecting it all within a theme/event within the already selected event (e.g., Great Shift).

  2. Do you take picture subbmissions for requests if so could you use this one for a male to female body swap

  3. I like how you did this series. Like a burst of short testimonials from folks caught up in the minor shift.


  4. come back we miss your caps


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