Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Real Freaky Friday [People's Choice]

Hello all! It's time for another People's Choice caption!
So as you saw, I asked you guys what your favorite Freaky Friday was.
You guys voted a whopping 53% for the 2003 version w/ Lindsay & Jamie!

Decided to take that into account for my cap. ENJOY! ^.^

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. WOW! first class. great story& use of pics. Of course the nw lindsay will haave top covercome the rep & the drug [problems but that'[s a smal pirce to pay. I love how the new jaaime except s sadly he new wrinklde 53 old body & tries to live here new life.

    How does she do with her new kids?

    1. Thanks!

      Of course the kids thing takes getting used to. It's odd going from a young woman to having people look at you like an elder-- especially one that is supposed to be supporting them and whatnot like her kids. I'd say for Lindsay, it isn't too difficult to assimilate completely in Jamie's life as the mother, after all, she's an actress.

      So yes, after a lot of intense acting as Jamie the mother, she finally fully immerses herself into the life of Jamie, sometimes thinking back to who she used to be, but eventually feeling like she is the person she's pretending to be.

  2. can u make more toddler/mom swaps? thx


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