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Tehswitcher 2.0

I've got some things to say...

Part 1

Part 2

OK. So I didn't explicitly tell you guys I was leaving
or for how long... sorry about that. But I also had no idea
how long I was going to be away. All I'll say is there were 
things (and still are) that are much more important to me than
making caps that took my time. But you all knew that already.

Why couldn't I just give you a two minute update? 
The same reason people struggle to take two minutes
floss at the end of each night. Feels like a bigger job
than it really is. But I get it, you guys were frustrated.
No offense taken as long as we can forgive...

Now the thing to know about me moving forward is 
I'll be going by my own pace and it'll likely be a pretty
varied one. Can't promise daily caps, a bunch of requests, 
etc. But I'll try to be more transparent. Just 
remember to check the top part of the blog
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