Friday, July 13, 2012

Thinking Like a Dog

UH-OH! Time for everyone to yell at me for making an animal cap! :x


  1. I like it :) It's nice to see an animal cap

  2. I like it a lot. Here is a suggestion for a long multiple cap story.
    Make the person switch with an animal and then switch back. The kicker is that some of the traits of the animal stayed with the person. Example: Ooing and ahhing like a monkey, tongue hanging out of a dog, Sniffing peoples buts. It would be fun to see that.

  3. LOL! great use of pic & funny story.
    Suggestion" have a body swap animal person & have the dog gradually get the girrlsz IQ & memories & the person graduaally losee them & end up as each other with the poor girl stuck or something.

    SOme stories &human animal swap of fictionmania
    Stunt Double
    Making the Graad

  4. Can we have a follow up, perhaps a guy finds her body and the DNA is still unstable do they swap and now he is in her body (lucky) and the dog is in his.


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