Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just for a Day? (Follow-up)

This is a follow-up of a very old caption.

Link: Original

"I would love & greatly appreciate a sequel where he somehow rema[i]ns her - especially if he can do it without anyone knowing they didn't say swap back."


  1. Such a great one! Eotten always has such great taste :). I would like to request one where a guy tries to use a soul swap spell on his girlfriend but somehow messes it up & ends up swapping with his girlfriends younger sister only to have her enjoy the swap. and he ends up stuck, a series would be great!

  2. Thanks Big time, great Poor Julia! Lucky him, looks, fame money, & he seems to love sex with her husband and shopping with her friends. Great body contrast with the beard and being fat & disgusting.


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