Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back in the Game

...and it's request weekend again!

Part 1

Part 2

"Can you do a swap where a retired NBA legend still wants to play basketball but the only possible way is to swap bodies with someone in the WNBA "


  1. Thanks for doing my request! Its great!

    1. Happy to see your enjoyment buddy!
      ...and happy to get Charles Barkley on one of my caps. ._.,

  2. Hi there! I have a request a bit similar to this one (M2F, celeb swap, possession, stolen body) and I wonder if you could make it.

    After passing out during a red carpet event, Argentine starlet Luciana Salazar announces her retirement from the showbiz to focus on a career as a writer. Critics mock her, but then she starts giving brilliant interviews on radio and television, surprising everybody with her intelligence. Later her books become best sellers, and are also highly praised by the academic circles. Some even call her "the Jorge Luis Borges of the 21st century", and are much closer to the truth than they realize…

    Many thanks!


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