Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Zipper

Part 1

Part 2
" Ok, so this guy has this zipper that you put on someone, unzip the zipper, and climb into them once they do this the zipper fades into the body making it permanent (similar to the body suit gun)
He's waiting after school to decide what to do with it... When he sees this quite girl in front of him. He did not want to be HER but the zipper controlled him now... "


  1. Nice cap. Could you do that with a pic of a girl in high heel OTK Boots?
    The zipper i mean or costume gun?
    Use a guy named Paul Runestone?
    Girl is older sister named claire Runestone?

  2. please make this a series!!!

  3. She's actually kind of cute and doesn't look as if she'd be unwashed and smelly. I could be happy if stuck as her.


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