Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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  1. I saw these captions and the ending


    I have a request.
    Mike tries to get help to get out of Mirna's body. The head witch comes and does find a way to help him. But as he knew her secrets. He must become a wizard himself. He does get out of her body. However he does have the "emo" look. Mike and mirna do become a couple

  2. clever & funny, I think Kelsey should just presuade mike to swap because he likes her new body so much & she hates it.

  3. Request:

    A boyfriend slips into his skinny, blonde girlfriend's drink a serum that will cause her to become his fantasy during a full moon. Unwittingly, he puts too much in.

    Two days later, the full moon comes, and she is with him at a diner. As the moon emerges, she grows taller than him and morphs into a dark-haired, curvaceous goth. She's angry, but he assures her its only temporary. After she changes back the next morning, she's no longer angry.

    The next month, at the full moon, she grows and morphs into the goth again. This time, however, she spends the night with him, and begins to feel a sense of enjoying her power over him. The next morning, however, she morphs back into herself, but remains taller than him.

    At the third full moon, she begins to feel less in control, as if another personality is growing within her. After the third full moon, she retains her height again, and now her large, shapely curves.

    At the fourth full moon, she feels her control slipping away, and this new personality is even more physically passionate about her boyfriend than she ever was. The next morning, her height, curves, and now her dark hair all remain unchanged.

    At the fifth full moon, she loses control completely, and her new personality shows no restraint with her body when they are alone with her boyfriend. The next morning, nothing on her body changes back to normal.

    At the sixth full moon, she and her new personality blend together and become one. The new personality agrees to allow her original self to rule the body during the daytime, while the new personality continues to rule at nighttime. They also discover a way to morph back into her original appearance, so that she can look like her original self during the daytime, morphing back into a goth at sundown.

  4. Cool story . . . I like how you flipped the confidence between the plus sized model and the skinny girl.



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