Thursday, April 12, 2012

Body Swap Shop

What a great place this would be...
Part 1

Part 2
For those wondering where Wendy got the money from: It was from her college fund. She figured she wouldn't need to go to college with a body like that! And who could blame her?


  1. You know tehswitcher, you could have problem with women in real life. The woman you choosed for this cap is maybe in her late 30's but I don't think she is in her 40's :p

    1. Here is my proof :

      She is born in 1981 ! She will be 31 this year :p

    2. Eep! x_x
      Lol - Good catch Freakazoid.

    3. LOL! Good story concep

      But I still have a hard time to believe so many young woman would swap bodies with older ones - unless maybe they were in love with the woman's husband?.

    4. You'd be surprised! I can think of people who want to be celebrities who are beautiful JUST because they're beautiful. There's an especially large amount of people in the world who hate being in school and going through all the work of getting a job. I've heard many people tell me how they just want to skip this part of their life and move X-years later to when they have a job. D:

    5. Good points witness the original freaky friday book & even movie - especially in the book she would really like to be her mom permanently,

    6. Never read the book... that's interesting they did that!

  2. Trust me on this going to school will be the best part of your life! So make it a good one! When you get older you live from pay day to pay day and the more money you make the more you spend.


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