Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dad's Promise

Part 1

Part 2
"Here is my idea for a caption. A mans very unpopular daughter desperately wants to join the cheer leading squad at school but she has no chance since the popular girls on the team think she's a loser, wanting to help his daughter he builds a machine that will allow him to swap bodies with the ditzy cheer leading captain and give his daughter a spot on the team but the swap starts to mess with his mind and he slowly started to actually become her when he tries to switch back he finds that the machine broke after the swap leaving him stuck "


  1. If like we see a twist on this, guys girlfriend wants to be more popular. he finds a way to switch her with a cheerleader only for the girl who swaps in to his girlfriend ends up more popular and she ever originally was. Personality changes to both girls?

  2. Wow - That's sort of like a slow suicide. The death of his own mind and personality. On the bright side, back in his body, the Cheerleader is slowly becoming . . . him. Very twisted.


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