Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine

"Jane and Albert ,both 35, have been married for years and as a "valentines present" Albert has bought a magic chocolate that turns one into What your partner desires, as a way to look how his wife would like. Little does he know that she's secretly desires to be with a woman, so Albert turns into a good looking 25 year old brunette!
Though he first despises the idea of spending the rest of his life as a woman, Albert's chocolate makes him change his mind and turns into a really feminine young woman! "


  1. Pleaaaaase, make an F2F sequel to this where the wife also eats the chocolate and transforms into his dream woman, then they live happily together as two gorgeous girls :)

  2. Awesome cap! Love it.

  3. That's quite a secret to keep for ten years. lol



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