Friday, June 17, 2016

14-Yr Old Cage

Been a while since I did an age regression.
Pics are always hard to find for these, but I can 
safely say Part 2 & 3 are definitely the same person.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I think I wanna do a follow-up on this to show
Joan's 5th year in her sentence, any suggestions?


  1. I love the whole swapping-as-punishment thing. Would love to see more like this!

  2. Age regression / progression captions seem difficult to make, but your results are outstanding!

  3. No one does regression caps quite as well as you Tehs. Definitely looking forward to a follow up on this poor woman's punishment

  4. Age regression with braces are some of my fav caps! Thanks! ~DAGS

  5. One question, is Joan stuck as 14 until her punishment is over or does she age normally?
    - Evenchaos146

  6. Love these. I've missed your age swaps/progressions/regressions.

  7. A suggestion for a follow up: where do her years go? Maybe a couple of girls were awarded with instant adulthood using Joan's age.

  8. I think what'd be neat is if you revisited this concept with a new caption but next time have the person intentionally get arrested to undergo the treatment and regain their youth then flee their captors. Then have the final panel show them 7 years later having regained their youth AND adulthood. Might be kind of hard to find images of 3 people who look similar enough but I've seen you pull it off.

  9. Love this! Please keep making AR captions, they are a diamond in the rough.


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