Friday, June 17, 2016

Requests 3.0 (and more)

Trying to make a more organized request system, so...

I'm just gonna go through these systems for requests now. 

I'm putting up a poll for caption requests, and caption tags/types you want to see.

For example, if you don't want to request a specific story but want more F2Fs, Exchange Islands, and, Body Hopper caps, the Tag Request Poll will let you tell me.  If you want a story about a body hopper on Exchange Island who flips through different women, the Caption Requests page is where you should go. Picture requests can get emailed (see below) with the title of your request.

Feel free to let me know as little/much as you want! I'll check these weekly (I think), but I won't be taking requests that are solely through email.

All an experiment, so we'll see how this goes.



  1. I know you have the AP & AR tags already, but boy/woman or girl/man would be interesting, along with a permanent tag.

  2. Can we still do picture requests?

  3. What is your email to send pictures to

  4. Just updated my post, addressing comments above!

  5. Can you do a spider man and aunt may body swap with peter still having his powers in aunt mays body and having to deal with begin 50 years old and still fighting crime but getting hit on my villains and men yet aunt may doesn't remember ever being may and the Scarlett witch is begin it and she makes peter have to live in aunt mays body till he admits girls have it harder than boys

  6. Hi! I really like the new system, but I wonder if we could write the url of an imgur album with the pictures we want for the caption in one of the fields of the form, instead of sending them by mail. Thanks!

    can you do muscle theft captions with pictures from this site?.

  8. Hello tehswitcher! I wonder if you could please activate the reactions feature for your blog.

    Generally I don't have anything interesting to comment, but I want your to know how much I enjoy your work, and I imagine that others fell the same. Thanks!

  9. Do you plan to make any more "your choice" captions? If you do, another intentional body theft one like would be excellent! If possible, could you include some choices that involve a son stealing his mother's or sister's body?


    P.S. - the links of your oldest "your choice" ( are expired

  10. Dear Tehs do you After Shift Caption were the runner is an athletic pregnant women called Emily (age 27),who used to a lonely high school nerd named Elmer (age 15).

    p.s. here's a picture you can use for the nerd turned mommy to be.

  11. I really enjoyed your captions "great amenities" and a "trip to Sweden" and love the idea of body-swapping for business purposes (not to be confused with body-swapping as a business). I would like to request a series in which an entrerpeneur named Jim switches bodies with hot women around the world for his constant business trips. The idea is that in the very near future business has been dramatically altered by body-swapping because it's easier and more effective for a corporate salesperson or entrepreneur to just switch bodies with an attractive enough person in the country they're doing business in. Swapping saves all travel costs, the salesperson doesn't have to worry about their physical appearance hurting the deal, and clients would probably feel more comfortable getting a pitch from someone from their own country, city or region. Salespeople usually switch bodies with young women because their bodies tend to be most effective in swaying clients

  12. Hi, dear tehswitcher could you pretty please do a cap where Adele swaps bodies with Holly McGuire for a music video as part of a new trend in Music where singers swap bodies (but not voices) to be more appealing. Adele's new music videos singing in Holly McGuire's body are such a hit that the record company extends the swap contract indefinately! much to Holly's horror it looks like everyone loves Adele singing in Holly's body lol!

    I'd love for you to consider my request keep making great caps thanks! :)

  13. Hi,Love your caps.By the way can u do a cap involving a thief/criminal who is swapped into a cute girl as a result of public transfer.

  14. Hi I Love your stories.can you do one where a teen named Dan swaps with his friends hot 26 year old mother that he has fallen in love with.

  15. Hello tehswitcher, I’m really glad to see you are back!

    This isn’t a request, although my favorites of your captions are the F2F ones… ;)

    Some time ago, I found several stock pictures depicting a very attractive redhead young woman at

    I made a selection of 20 of them, I hope you find them useful:


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