Friday, June 24, 2016

The Streak is Over

First request from the new system!

"A guy named Jared has had some lousy bodies when going to Exchange Island over the past few years (little boy, Old man). This time Jared got the body of a beautiful bikini model. Jared is pretty happy about it saying the streak is over. The model should be a Brunette in a Red Bikini."

Decided to start requests early...


  1. After afew loser bodies, Looks like Jared got himself a winner in the form of a Hot Chick. Thanks for making my Request I even like the new tier idea. JC.

  2. Hey tehs! Been a fan for a while, and I thought of an idea for a cap while I was in a long line today. Basically, somebody is tired of waiting in line and wishes they could be in the front, then poof! They're in the body of the first person in line. Of course it is entirely up to you if you like it and want to create a caption of it. Either way your still my favorite captioner!
    Much love!

  3. Nice, randomly swapping . . . I hope that Exchange Island announces when the swap hits. Otherwise there could be a few accidents. Like swapping while the new person is riding a bike around the island . . . lol



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