Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 18th (Part 7)

WOW - Have I been slacking on the updates lately or what?
Stay with me guys and gals. I'll be back to my usual self... sometime soon. ^.^

And now, for the finale of The 18th.

Part 7A

Part 7B

Part 7C
Links: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


  1. Good Job. You are a fan from France. :)

  2. Excellent stories, great use ofpics.Cleverending

  3. As fun as this series was, I feel that it lacks closure. Does she get another shot at body swapping? If do, does she use it to restore some of the people she swapped to their original bodies? If everybody is stuck this way, how do they adjust to their new lives? There are so many questions, you could probably do an entire new series just answering them.

  4. I liked the series but I'd love to see more follow ups about how the other people feel/have adjusted etc.

  5. The last mom is really lucky :) ! The athletic girl looks gorgeous !

    1. Yeah.

      A pity we don't get to see her face, because I have the feeling she lacks in that department, but her body is wonderful nevertheless.

  6. Great Story! I love to read it! Really good.


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