Monday, December 24, 2012

Bad Accuracy

Merry Holidays to y'all! Giving an EXTRA big update today.
Sorry to say I'll probably be vacant from the updates until 2013. I know - yikes!
Don't abandon me! I'll be back. ^.^;

Try and use the Random Captions section to the right if you miss me!
(or my updates, rather)


  1. It was nice to have a big update, but if you're going to be gone for so long, you should have posted something a little more diverse.

    There was just one F2F. From a time on, this site is clearly taking a dominantly M2F direction.

  2. Please add more celebrity photostories.

  3. Thank you for the big update! It was a nice surprise =) In addition, thank you for all the captions you posted this year. They were awesome!

    Have a safe and happy new year. Catch you in 2013.

    P.S. It would be nice if the two previous commentators actually thanked tehswitcher's efforts instead of just demanding what they want or believe should be on the site. If you are not happy then go and create your own caption site!

    1. Actually, I did say the update was nice.

      But I also needed to express the concern, which by the way,, isn't what I "believe should be on the site".

      tehswitcher him/herself once expressed concern over having more M2Fs than F2Fs, as the site was conceived mainly as a F2F portal. His/her words, not mine!

      So, no need to be rude, I'm sure tehswitcher likes feedback.

      I hope you weren't offended, tehswitcher!

  4. Apologies if my comment came off as rude. It was not my intention :( Tehswitcher does such a great job and I just wish people would provide more positive feedback rather than just demanding what they want to see. Your comment was not that bad, I must admit, but others I have seen have been bad. Like you said, I am sure tehswitcher appreciates any feedback provided!

    Hope everyone is having a safe holiday!

    1. Well, thanks for clearing up that, then.

      It's nice to end a conversation without a fight.

      I'm sorry if I came off as rude too.

  5. Loving the caption

  6. I'm glad everything has been cleared up!

    I appreciate the feedback - no offense has been taken! I agree that sticking to having F2Fs is something I want to consistently have in this site. Occasionally I can really use a slap or two to get me back to my roots!

  7. can you please make on where an older brother steals his little sisters body whos around 10 years old, and the reason cuz of jealousy of attention.


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