Friday, December 19, 2014

Requests 2.0

It's been a whole year since I started the Request Weekend, and my old requests page has almost 800 comments... And yes, I know that's likely just cause I have this Request Weekend thing and not cause you actually like me any, Lol. Anyway, I figured it was time for a new one, and since I've had so many requests I figured explaining what I look for would also be a good idea.
(I know you don't really care to read this, but reading the notes below may help you get your request actually done...!)

Old requests have NOT been deleted!

Quick Tips, Notes, etc.

  • I put every request into a (digital) notebook after getting an email
    • comments on this page get emailed to me
    • comments on every page get emailed to me
    • emails... get emailed to me ([my name]
    • doesn't matter where you post -- I funnel it from my email
  • Usually I randomly choose to keep it fair
  • If you're giving a picture, realize it might be a while till I get to it and your link might expire
  • I hardly delete requests, but I often skip them for the "next" week, here's why:
    • key phrases like "make a series"
      • if your idea is something I feel I can keep writing about, it'll happen; asking for it is a bit daunting
      • on the same note, telling me how many captions to make might give the same negative feeling
    • requests for celeb swaps that I've done (a ton) before
    • not being clear
      • not including tons of details is fine and can be better sometimes, but making things confusing is not good
    • too much detail
      • I really enjoy reading what you guys have, but it can be daunting to have to try and include/shrink that into a caption
    • coming off demanding
      • I try to not let this bother me, but I'm sure it does!
    • "questionable" pictures...
      • bad quality, really racy stuff, other pics you don't usually see me post, etc.
    • it's quite, quite ordinary
      • I usually like to mix stories up from what I think are typical caps

Just wanted to put all this out there so you guys know what I'm thinking -- not saying this as a mandate -- request whatever you want, but just know that this is usually how I screen through things. I've made requests from people who've done all the things that usually get me to skip requests, but the if you want your request sooner I wouldn't do the stuff on the skip list.



  1. Question. Are you still taking requests at the moment or nay?

  2. Here's a good caption you've probably never been requested, with a celebrity you've never used before.

    The soul of a man who got into an accident gets flung from his body and into the body of a sleeping woman... Mary Elizabeth Winstead! Let's just say he wakes up confused yet excited. :-)

    Here's the pic I think should be used:

    P.s. good luck with the new requests format, your stuff is always top notch.

  3. i want a fat, ugly girl transforming slowly into a hot redhead.

  4. Can you have me possess iggy azalea's body? Thank you

  5. It nice to see that you are starting a fresh with a new list :)

    I take it my advent calendar idea was to big ^^;;

    Or you could do it as a multiple choice body swap or if you still plan to do it then know that i'm still looking forward to it. If you need more picture I can provide you with some though I feel you might do better finding your own ^^

    Either way I look forward to it and thank you for doing it =D

    Love from Kandra

  6. Cheers for the heads up, look forward to all the cool stuff coming our way!

  7. Can you do one where the nerdy gamer at a high school who frequently gets bullied swaps with a prissy girly girl in order to show the world how popular girls can make a positive influence. However, he eventually turns her into a tomboy bully/gamer. So instead of everyone liking him in the end, nobody likes him. Thanks!

  8. Hey Tehswitcher,

    I'd love to see more muscle drain captions. Maybe where a bodybuilder type ugly woman is bullying a nerd at the gym and the nerd points a remote at her, she slowly loses her muscles until she's a fitness chick, he continues and until she's a weak model. She still triesto be a bully but can't.

  9. No we don't like you, we LOVE you :)

  10. How about one where a young cop goes undercover by taking over the body of milf like middle aged mobsters wife, but then they begin to like their new life of decadence and wealth so much that they betray the police and escape the country with the mobster? Please and thank you.

  11. Can you do a cap where a skinny girl swaps with Megan Trainor and initially feels sad about the weight she gained, but eventually comes to realize that every inch of her is perfect from the bottom to the top?

  12. Do a swap where a guy named Josh is constantly annoyed by his girlfriend trying be like/look like Boxxy until one day he turns into Boxxy and...the rest is up to you.

  13. I really like undercover cop stories where they decide to keep the swapped body

  14. I completely agree on your skip list especially with when they ask you for the same bland thing over and over. But my top three turns offs are too demanding, too specific because it's overwhelming and they could make their own captions at that point and it being too ordinary like celeb swapping which doesn't really interest me for some reason. Congrats on your anniversary and always love your captions!

  15. How about a man named Alex who participates in game show, where everyone gets transformed into a woman of a different race and age, to win a huge amount money and only the winner gets transformed back and the others will get a new life as a woman.

  16. Can you please continue 12 going on 25?:

    I think that's the only series on this site you haven't completed.

    1. If you check out my Series List, you'll see that's definitely not the case, Lol. ;D

    2. Oh, I see! Well, that one was caught my interest. Could you continue it as a request?

  17. Can you please do one where a teenage guy in high school decides he has had enough with his mother and switches with her in order to ruin her life in and out of work by turning her into a slob? Thanks!

  18. Usually in your captions, you talk about how they swapped and not typically what happened as a result. I was hoping you could do a few more where it talks about the aftermath of the swap(s). It's much appreciated!

  19. Can you please make a short follow up to this week's "Mysterious Stranger". If you don't know the name of the woman you used as Millie, she's Doutzen Kroes, and you can find many pictures of her. I'd like to see her confronting her sister and father in her new older body.

    Could you use this as one of the pictures?:


  20. Was wondering if you could make a great shift caption were I get swapped into either Alyson Hannigan or a high school girl cross country runner, thanks for listening and keep up the great work, your blog is truly amazing and one of my favorites.

  21. Similar situation to today's Barber one, I did quite well at school, my younger, female cousin is currently in school and once jokingly made a comment about me possibly taking her exams in her place. I was wondering if you could do a caption where she was a little more serious with that threat, and swaps with me, promising to swap us back as soon as it's over. And then by the time the exams are over, she's decided she likes being an older male, and keeps it permanent, leaving him trapped as a schoolgirl. I try to tell my family, but no one believes I'm not really her. My name: Eric. Her name: Lucy

  22. Could you do a cap about a nerd named Justin swapping with his girls teen cousin? Thanks in advance.

  23. I'd like to see a teenage male swap with Odette Annable (don't think you've done one with her yet). He finds out that being female and being famous is harder than he thought, and not as fun, but is trapped

  24. Hiya! I first just want to thank you for all the hard work that you do for this site, it's awesome! I feel it's necessary to thank you first before I request... I was hoping in the theme of the holidays, a cap where two friends swap bodies because the girl hates spending time with her family during the holidays, but her male friend loves the holiday cheer, but his own family doesn't do much for it. So they swap so they get what they want for the holidays.

  25. What about a family Role Exchanger story? The mother (40) and the daughter (12) exchange half their age (which makes them both 26, and very attractive). The son (19) gets his gender exchanges with a female neighbor, turning him into a pretty girl.
    I'd like the point of view to be the daughter's, so that we can see what she feels as she experiences the changes. I don't want to bother you, so I won't request pictures for both before and after of each character, but maybe it would be nice if you had one of the daughter in her original form too (only if you can. Also, if it becomes too difficult to find similar pictures for both of her ages, you can always say she exchanged some features with another person nearby).
    Also, I really appreciate what you do for us here. Keep the great work!

  26. Could you please do this request?
    Fat 12 year old learns to astral project and possesses a female bodybuilder in order to obtain strength, and decided to rip her soul out of her body and destroy it in order to keep it. He goes on to to beat up his bullies.
    Image to use:

    Thanks in advance bro! Keep up the amazing blog work!

  27. Jillian is a 12-year-old with self-loathing problems who thinks any change in her life would be an improvement. When her brother gets Burke's Antropomorphic Virus, she starts drinking from his glass, in the hope of catching the virus herself. Her brother is changed into a cute girl, and she's delighted when she's also diagnosed. After her fever breaks, she turns into a tall and busty grown woman, which boost her confidence and makes her happy with herself.
    I don't think there are any rules for Burke's Virus, except that it makes random changes on the victim. Thanks!

  28. I thought of one today. You don’t have to do it RIGHT NOW just because it’s Christmas related. You could do it when you can.

    A family silently makes their Christmas wishes. The mother, who’s a homemaker, wishes to become a successful and powerful woman, the father, well past his prime, wishes for superpowers, the 17 years old son, who only thinks about sex, wishes to have a girlfriend who looks like Candice Swanepoel, and the 12 years old daughter, who thinks mainly about popularity, wishes to be the hottest girl in her class.

    Santa passes by and decides to grant their wishes, but there’s a mishap and they all open the wrong boxes. The son gets his sister’s present and gets gender-bended into a girl –the hottest in his class, of course. The daughter opens the mother’s box and grows up into a 27-year old woman, professional, attractive and wealthy. The father gets his son’s wish, and so his wife morphs into a Candice Swanepoel look-alike. She also turns superhumanly strong, not to mention able to fly. Despite the mistakes, they all end up quitepleased with the mistake, except for the son, who eventually becomes comfortable with his/her situation anyway.

    Thanks you very much, and your work is much appreciated!

  29. An young engineer gets put into the body of your typical trophy wife after a mishap at the lab, while he does not enjoy the situation the fondness of being eyecandy starts to grow on him, and eventually he becomes the bimbo he had switched bodies with.

  30. Could you do one of Alice in Wonderland where she takes an “Eat Me” cake but instead of just growing bigger, she actually grows up, becoming a beautiful young woman? Thank you very much.

  31. You should do one about an Asian boy who's mother doesn't understand his love for video games. And after they swap the boy starts caressing her body while she addicted to games

  32. After unknowingly purchasing an item that made them switch their bodies in Spells R Us, Nick and his younger sister Christina head back to the store to complain.

    Nick was a blond and athletic college player of 20, and Christina was a thin and black haired 11-year-old, by the way, but now they’re stuck as each other.

    After explaining to the Wizard in the store, he says there’s no way of going back to their original bodies, but he tells them he can ease the changes by having them transform a second time. He offers them a gender-bending potion, so that they can become opposite-sex versions of the bodies they now inhabit. They accept, because Nick is very afraid of growing up again, this time into a woman.

    Nick in Christina’s body becomes Christian, a boy version of her sister. He’s still 11 and black haired as she was, but is a little taller, and at least this time he will go into puberty in the right direction.

    Christina drinks the potion and transforms Nick’s body into a female version of himself. “Nikki” is as blonde as he was, and as athletic, which in his female version is complemented by being curvy and busty.

    Nick can endure living as Christian and Christina is beyond excited about being hot Nikki.

    I know this sounds long, but you should start at the point where they enter the store the second time, having already swapped their bodies. I hope you can do it, as it sounds as something different! And many thanks!

  33. Could you make a caption about a guy who finds out he is a were-woman after he goes to sleep during a full moon on his 18th birthday and wakes up as this beautiful woman:

    Pretty please :-)

  34. Hi there! Could you please make a caption about a girl who is making her character for a roleplaying game, and somehow is transported to the world of the game and transformed into her own character? Thanks a lot in advance!

  35. Could you please do this one? Feel free to expand upon it.

    Secret agent must take down a dictator and possesses Angelina Jolie to kill him. Use this image ---

  36. Hi. Here's an old request of mine I found:

    A 37 years old woman is given the opportunity to be part of an experimental genetic procedure to become younger. She goes to the genetic center, accompained by her daughters, who are 14 and 11.

    The procedure works and she becomes a nubile 17-year-old, but while she's looking at the results, the machine explodes accidentally and her discarded age goes inside her daughters, who slowly age-up in a matter of minutes.

    The 14 years old transforms into a 19 years old and the girl of 11 changes into a 26 years old woman.

    The,first image could be about the mother but the main point of view is that of the excited daughters.

    I hope you can do it this time. It would be greatly appreciated! Great work you have here!

  37. Hey, this is not part of the request but I wanted to say I've been a long time reader and this is by far my favourite caps site.

    I'd love to see a cap where a short nerdy guy switches with his alternate universe self who is a pretty nerdy girl and has to get used to a body and life that are similar but different.

  38. Request: A man uses the Medallion of Zulo regularly to keep himself young and healthy (around age 22). After years of doing this, he makes many enemies, eventually one of them figures out what he is using to keep his youth. The enemy then steals the medallion and uses it to turn the man into a twin for his young daughter.

  39. Hello!
    You once started to make my request, but then you stopped doing it after the first part. You called it "12 going on 25" It would mean a lot if you could finish it, since what I was expecting the most are the next things. I searched for the original request and here it is:

    Week 1 (this is the one you already made):
    A 10 years old girl is tired of the way she's living (the reasons are up to you), so she makes a wish to her cake's candles to have a new, better life. This is the first picture.
    As soon as she blows them, the world freezes and her body shifts (no instant transformations, pleeeease). She is now a 15 years old teenager, and reality has shifted around her.
    Thsi week, she deals with her adapting to this new life, being in high school and such. She notices certain changes, like becoming more intelligent.

    (from this point on, you stopped it)

    Week 2:
    A week after her first change, the girl is at school and reality shift again. She feels her body maturing and she is now a 20 years old young woman in college.
    This part will deal with the new reality, adapting to her advanced knowledge, abilities like driving, being a beautiful cheerleader at college and her first romantic experience.

    Week 3:
    Just a week into her college life, she ages one last time, becoming 25 this time.
    She was pretty before, but now she's gorgeous and a part time model. She also learns she's a professional now (doctor, lawyer, whatever is up to you). At the end of this week she's supposed to marry, which frightens but also excites her. In the three photos of this part, she explores those new aspects of her reality. At the end, she decides she loves her improved life as a successful and full-fledged adult.

    I know it would be very difficult to find 4 sets of pictures that could represent the girl at 10, 15, 20 and 25, which is why my proposed change isn't just ageing. She becomes a progressively different (and more beautiful) woman with each change. It would even be nice if she starts with one hair colour (you are using blonde) and by the last part, it becomes another (redhead would be great). You could add any kind of change you want. She could even have her name slowly transformed at each age, having a completely different one at the final one.

    I hope you can continue this. I was so excited when you started with it! Love your captions!

  40. Hey man, I have 3 requests, could you please do them next weekend?

    Horribly disfigured soldier desperately wants backs in the army. He takes control of this woman's body to do so. Image ----

    This next one I already have the whole story lined out.
    Ms. Smith was smoking hot. But she wasn't as sexy as her daughter. Todd used a. Possession spell to take control of her in order to have sex with Jenny, her daughter. One problem though, Ms. Smith was Todd's best friends mom! "Oh well, Todd sighed as he looked at his massive breasts and toned body. "I'm making Jenny cum whether she likes it or not, besides Ms Smiths body is mine forever." Image to use ---

    11 year old possesses girl to party and have fun. Image ----

    thanks in advance, keep up the amazing blog work, and keep in touch with me!

  41. Amy and Gretchen are a pair of slightly nerdy 12-year-olds who spend most of their time playing things like Dungeons and Dragons. After a particularly though day being bullied by their classmates, they wish they could transport inside their role-playing universe. They don’t, but they begin to transform into their characters. Amy, who is a somewhat chubby brunette, becomes an elf sorceress, blonde and very slender and graceful, while Gretchen, who is very small for her age, turns into a huge Amazon warrior. Once the transformation ends, they both head back to school to take advantage of their new bodies and powers to teach their bullies a lesson.
    I know the images are difficult to find, so I got you pics for the elf and the amazon. I don’t mind about the look of the 13 years old much, so you can find those. And thanks!

  42. Hi! I had this idea inspired by your "Body Bank" captions, about a world where people bid for new bodies in private auctions. I wonder if you could please make a caption about that, thanks a lot in advance!

    [Some musings about the internal logic of the universe where this story takes place:
    - Perhaps the auctioned people are unaware that their bodies are being sold, as the bidders are watching them through a closed circuit television.
    - Or maybe everybody is in the same place and the victims are under some sort of mind control, I like this option a bit more but it's all up to you]

    Here a woman is trying to outbid everyone for the best body of today's auction:

  43. I was traveling on a bus with my 11-year-old sister and my mother, who believed in the Public Transfer Curse, asked me not to let my sister sleep, but she was too tired and I didn't really believe in the curse, so I allowed her to take a nap, despite the warning and the fact that there was a busty Asian woman in her twenties sleeping right in front of us.
    For a while, I joked with myself about the possibility of them switching bodies, but then something even stranger started to happen. My sister started to morph and get Asian features, while the busty woman was becoming Caucasian.
    When my sister awakened, she enthusiastically grabbed her large new chest. She was now in the Asian’s body, which now looked like an adult version of herself, but had kept the woman’s clothes and her breast implants. The Asian was now sitting in my sister’s seat, still looking like herself, albeit 11-years-old. Now I have to explain to my mother why her daughter is a stacked young adult.
    I know the Public Transfer is only for Body Swaps, but I wanted a “mistake” in the curse that caused the switched people’s bodies to try to fight it and try to morph back into the way they were, but that they couldn’t do anything about their new bodies chronological ages or any non-natural add-ons (make-up, clothes, and of course, the implants)
    And thank you very much for allowing these request from your readers!

  44. Hi,

    I know you are pretty busy with requests, but I'd just like to drop this one here - if you don't mind, of course ;)

    Guy named Felix and his girlfriend go to a "Swap Party" - a hip trend amongst college students, they go to parties where everyone gets swapped into a random other visitor and guys and girls alike get loose and party hard! :D
    He ends up in a petite girl's body, is not used to how little he can drink like that and ends up quite tipsy. His girlfriend - having Bi-tendences that she would like to explore more - is both amused and intrigued by her boyfriend's state of drunken girlyness...

    Thanks for listening, and have a great start into 2015 :)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. A gamer's girlfriend is annoyed her boyfriend spends more time spending time with video games than with her, so she turns him into a girl, but her girlfriend spends more time than ever playing video games.

    Have a Happy New Year! :)

  47. How about you do one of a boy and a girl (they are friends). They age to adulthood and their parent get youger. They become kids. The girl and boy become their parents

  48. a trophy wife gives her husband a taste of his own medicine by turning him into a bimbo

  49. A teenage boy (16 years old) steals the body of his best friends older sister (22 years old) but he some how hits his new head and wakes up with amnesia unable to remember who he really is he ends up living the life of his new body

  50. Could you do one where an old man uses a "2nd chance" spell that puts him in a random younger persons body. Unfortunately for him he gets put into the body of a teenage girl, and because of a condition of the spell, he has to remain a silent passenger in her body until she turns 21 when he can take full control.

  51. Rebecca is a single mother of 29 who lived irresponsibly in her youth. That left her pregnant at 18 with a girl who is now 11 –Eliza-, and who is starting to become rebellious too. Since through her hard-learned lessons Rebecca has become an overly straightforward and serious woman, this has led her to multiple clashes with young Eliza.

    During their last fight, they’re thrown into a Freaky Friday situation, but instead of swapping bodies, they switch ages and roles. Rebecca becomes 11 and Eliza is changed into an adult executive. Instead of making this into an occasion to learn about responsibilities and how is it to be in her mother’s shoes, Eliza uses her new 29-year-old body -which is even sexier than Rebecca’s was- to have lots of fun and party hard. It’s not until she is sacked from her job and dumped by her fiancé (who was her mother’s fiancé before the switch) that she realizes how bad her life decisions have been and feels truly sorry about her behavior. Her lesson learned, she goes back to being a kid, and her mother goes back to normal too. They had spent 11 months swapped.


  52. Could you do a swap class when i 'Ben' swapped into nerdy asian girl named Shinta here's the picture (if you dont want to use this picture its okay)

  53. Hello! Could you please make a caption where a maid swaps bodies with the lady of the house? Thanks a lot in advance!
    The picture:

    Have a Happy New Year!

  54. Hey, tehswitcher, have a happy new year!

    Here’s a very old request I made, and I’m posting it again to try my luck:

    An 11 years old fifth grader named Alice Pendergast is accidentally exposed to an unknown virus in a school trip to a research lab.

    There, the doctors examine her, but they can't find anything wrong with her. She's sent home with her parents and by next morning the virus starts to affect her.

    The virus works like this: in the next 48 hours, the victim's body will slowly get older. Every 24 hours, they will age half as many years as the victim currently has (ie. Alice is 11, so by the end of the first day she'll be 16 and a half and by the second she'll be a 24 years, nine months old woman). Then the virus stops it's running, leaving the patient permanently transformed.

    So, a short breakdown:
    Day 1: Alice at 11 after being sent home.
    Day 2: Alice at 16 recalling how she changed the first day.
    Day 3: Alice at 24 observing her looks right after the last changes (and liking them)
    Day 4: Alice at 24 in her school uniform when she returns after her sick leave, reflecting on her differences with her classmates, who are jealous.
    Alice is a sweet looking girl, maybe even a redhead, and curvy and beautiful in her mature form.

    Thanks in advance and lots of love!

  55. Happy New Year!

    Hello! Could you make a body swap caption about two sisters that are complete opposites? Thanks a lot in advance!

    The older one is tough and muscular, and she is always picking on the younger who is shy and girly.
    But one day, the younger sister decides that she's had enough and switches bodies with the older one.

    Horrified, the older sister finds herself inside a much smaller an weaker body:

    Meanwhile, the younger sister gets a taste of how physically powerful she is now:

  56. Can you do a Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johansen in a celeb serial body hopper cap? Thanks

  57. Can you do a medallion of Zulo swap where a boy gets this persons clothes and force swaps their lives and enjoys his new body and decides to keep her body for good leaving her stuck but in reality it was all setup by her to get his body (please use this pic)

  58. Hello tehswitcher! I love all your captions but my favorites are the trait swap ones, specially if they involve muscle transfer.

    Could you please make this trait swap caption? Thanks a lot in advance!

    "Katie Couric is interviewing Brandi Mae Akers, a female bodybuilder. Towards the end of the show, she touches Brandi's flexed biceps and somehow she starts getting younger and more muscular, while the other woman withers away in a matter of seconds. Then, the broadcast is interrupted and the station cuts to a technical difficulties screen"

    Here is the video of the interview that gave me the idea:
    More specifically at the end, when Brandi boast about her muscular arms while saying: "They're solid!"

    Here is a gallery with several caps of the video, you can click on them to zoom in:
    I would use number 10 and 15 to tell the story, but here you have plenty of pictures to choose from if you want to. Thanks again!

  59. A racist who wants to swap with white boyfriend in magic taxi instead swaps with his indian or black girlfriend but accustomed and love being female

  60. Two religious, older women gets put in the bodies of two 'booytlicious' dark 20 during the Great shift and they enjoy the change as their minds adapt to the typical party/street girl brain their New bodies usually had.

  61. Hi! I wonder if you please could do this trait swap caption in the future, thanks a lot in advance!

    "A Russian couple as eccentric as wealthy performs a magic ritual that will give them perfect bodies and eternal youth. However, as the wife turns into a muscular amazon, her husband shrinks and becomes an old man. Unbeknownst to him the ritual required the sacrifice of a loved one to work, and his wife kept that information for herself"

    The pictures for the caption:

  62. Here is a crazy cap idea for you, an old man gets a second chance at life after learning a possession spell, the only catch is, he can't choose who he possesses, once he performs it he blacks out and wakes up as his grandson's wife

    Perfect pic right here:

  63. A 17 year old Male swaps bodies with Irina Shayk, he starts off wondering where he is and who he is but Irina's mind slowly starts taking over and he starts living the life of her.

    Pictures for caption:

  64. If you could do a cap where a mother and daughter go to swap bodies they succeed but something goes wrong and they swap ages also the mother is now in an adult version of her daughters body while the daughter is in a teenage version of her mothers body so it would be a body swap and an age swap. Thanks keep up the good work:)

  65. A nerdy guy finally gets with the girl of his dreams who has rejected him in the past but she then tricks him into trading bodies with her because she is a lesbian and she wants to get with another woman who is straight and into the guy

    It would be nice if you used this picture

  66. A bodyhopper covers his tracks by hypnotizing his victims into thinking they actually are who they appear to be. From there it's the comedy of someone overconfidently blundering through a role they they have many misconceptions about, or assuming they have skills they just don't have.

    Thanks in advance if you do this.

    1. Actually, I meant to say bodyhopper covers "her" tracks. Pronouns get tricky with captions. Sorry.

  67. I'd really love to see a clothing corruption caption.

    Two best friends, both very pretty but whilst one is demure the other is a slut. Slutty girl borrows other girls dress, for reasons unbeknownst to either of them the slutty girls persona is somehow imbued in to the dress. When the shy girl gets the dress back and wears it she turns in a slut like her friend.

  68. Another suggestion/request.

    A language exchange.. with a twist.

    A company that takes language exchange to the next level. the company suggests that they can share experiences with each other to help them learn another language.

    What it actually does is take copies of peoples memories and gives them to other people.

    Well to do American girl wants to learn Spanish, thinks it'll help her college application.

    Poor Latina girl wants to learn English so she can stop whoring herself out and get a respectable job.

    American girl's memories are over written with that of the Latina. She loses her posh upbringing and her memories are replaced with that of the Latina.


    Quite a detailed request hope you can some how make a caption from it!

  69. Hello, I'd like to submit a suggestion/request.

    An F2F Stolen Body caption between AJ Lee and Brie Bella. I would think the swap would occur during this kiss.

    And then their reactions.

    Thanks for listening!

  70. Simple request I think :)

    How about 25yr old Rich wakes up one morning to find himself being a teenage Hooters waitress, and finds himself acting like her, but losing his own mind. He ends up rapidly becoming a Ditzy and sexy waitress, who can barely spell her own name, but knows all the ways to earn extra tips, and sneaks around with the busboys, and his old tech nerd persona desperately trying to hold on.

  71. Hello tehswitcher and congratulations about your work.
    Can I submit you an idea? One day, my girlfriend showed my picture to an old colleague of her. Se found me handsome and said to her "If I was 25 years younger,you'll have no chance". Does it inspire you a follow up ;) ?

    Thank you !

  72. A male photographer get his dream shoot with the portuguese model Sara Sampaio, the girl of his dreams. He always wondered how models do their job in front of the camera. When reviewing the pictures in a break he imagines he was Sara. The two have swapped bodies and he figures out he can swap bodies with anyone with just a single picture.

    Love from Portugal

    Picture of her:

    Thank you for reading, hope it gives you inspiration.

  73. can you do something with this picture?
    (and mybe with other pics of her, write "real life frozen" on google pictures and you find that picture with another girl, click on it and you find more pictures of her alone)

    it can be about a japanese girl who steal hair and eye color from european girl. what do you think about that?

  74. can you do a your choice interactive for the fose where a neighbor causes you to swap bodies age progression race etc swaps are all fine w/e you think would be interesting to do

  75. Hi,
    can you make a cap, where a guy named Domnik got the body of a sexy latina by the FOSE. He is happy about it and makes fun about his girlfriend, who had ended in the body of a chubby lesbian girl. But a few weeks later he swap bodies with a slutty chubby girl by the Great Shift and his girlfriend got the body of a model. And now his girlfriend tease him. Thank you.

  76. Hello! Last night I saw the movie "Watchmen" and the old age makeup used on Carla Gugino for her role as Sally Jupiter gave me an idea for a request.

    Could you please make a caption about an old woman who is a "life drinker" that feeds on the vitality of her victims to recover her youth? Thanks a lot in advance!

    I chose three images for the caption, but you have a couple of links below with more pictures, in case you want to use others.

    - About to feed: (Here the makeup doesn't make her look too old…)

    - Looking for another victim:

    - Back on her prime:

    More pictures:

  77. Hi! I had an idea for a for a F2F caption involving historical characters and possession across time and space. Its a bit weird, but I hope you find it interesting, thanks a lot in advance!

    "It's 1793 and Marie Antoinette is about to be executed, but she has one last hope. She has concealed a magic amulet given to her by the courtier and alchemist Comte de Saint Germain who promised that one day it would save her life. The guillotine's blade falls and then she finds herself in a distant future inside a new body. Luckily for her, the previous mind that inhabited the body is still there, and she can get from it all the information she needs about this strange time"

    I was thinking that her new body could be Coco Nicole Austin, but this is all up to you.

    And finally some pictures from the French film "L'Autrichienne", so you can choose for the 1793 part of the caption.

  78. I would like to see a rich white male visiting Saudi Arabia, who has his body stolen by a young girl from there.

  79. Hello! I don't know if you like to caption sequential images, but here you have a trait swap series that I did. Could you please make a caption about this green-eyed monster?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  80. A girl (about 14) absorbs her hot older sister, and become a beautiful 22 year old.

  81. Hi! Hope this cap is not too complicated ;)

    A 16 year old girl, Candace, has her best friend Janice (also 16, but african american) over for a sleepover. Candace's mother named Beth (35-ish), wishes she could be young again.

    And THIS is where the complicated part starts!

    Through a shift in time and space Beth is now 16 years old and Janice is Beth's white, 30-ish mother! Candace on the other hand is now Beth's african american friend. Beth has a version of both this and the previous reality in her head, but instead of freaking out, she decides to play along and see how things will work out.

    Love your caps, hope this is not too hard for you! ^^

  82. Hello,
    I'm german so please don't be so hard with my grammar ;)
    I wanna request a small series,where a guy (Namend )
    Find's a costume gun. He shooted it on a friend of him (Lisa-Marie) and he starts to wear her.
    He've written with Lissy (The nickname for Lisa-Marie) before and she said "I've you got the possiility to wear my body I will explain you everything.But I wanna have a Boyfriend f I want , and I want cry if I want and I wanna choose the Boys who we've got sex with.
    Yani keeps his promise to keep Lissy's rules.
    But after a Time he thrown Lissy's personality out of her Body and takes over her Life with all memories and mannerisms.
    A special function of the CG is,that he could "blow" Lissy up and she is his muppet. (seh is contoled by his mind)
    He used the function to have Sex with her many times.
    When he wears Lisa-Marie he masturbates every evening.
    But that issn't enough for him. He shoot more people with the CG.
    Annalena: A quiet good girl. He Used her only to masturbate,wear leggings and go to school as her.
    There's Vanessa, a Bitch like girl,in his Class too. He liked to wear her skin,and her Leggings.
    and last but not least there's Milla.
    Milla is a really Bitch. Yannick loved to wear her skin and have Sex with her.
    I Hope you could make a series out of it (One Person for a weekend is enough ;) BUT only if it's possible. Here I've got the Agdes of the girls,and Pictures ;)
    Hope you could read it!
    P.S. For Milla and Vanessa it's your story ;) There're only the basics to hold in (That what I wrote) To understand what personality's the girls have,I wrote it under the Names and picture links ;)
    If you don't know what to write,please describe the feeeling of slipping into their skins (If they were tight or stretch ad so stuff) and the feeling of flooding memories and so.
    For the Pictures where other people were on it, cut them out,or describe how I were taking over there live ( Chilling with friends and so)
    The Picture with Vanessa and Annalena as example: I shoot Vanessa first,put her sin on and then I met with Annalena,shooted her, slipped out of Vanessa and into Annalena and blewn Vanessa up to a muppet,if you know what I mean ;)
    Reguards from Germany

    P.S. I wrote a commentar under this post with the charactere describtion and the picture links ;)

    1. Yani (16): A unpopular boy,which isn't very famous. The girls don't really like him
      Lisa-Marie (16): She's a loveley girl which is trying to do always her best. She's good in school and quiet popular.
      Vanessa (15): She's a little bitch like. Only her things are important. She's a neutral girl (not popular but not unliked too) (With Annalena) (with Lisa-Marie)
      Milla (16): She's a really Bitch. Doesn't cares about the others and only likes herself.
      A short note: Please ty to involve all pictures ( Try it please with Lissy and Annalena)
      Annalena (17): Sehe's a very nice girl. She likes Yani and likes to wear Leggings.

  83. I would love to see something where the great shift turns a group of 13 year old boys in the middle of class into 80 year old women. Instead of the great shift putting them into the bodies of the 80 year old women, they become them themselves. Throughout the story, all of their minds will start to reflect their bodies, until they forgot who they originally were. They start to have book clubs and they start too knit. They even forget how to use technology. Just think it would be an AMAZING story!

  84. Could you do a cap where the thin girlfriend of a shallow rude man becomes fed up with him and uses ether a morphing program or swapfields to turn herself and possibly him into a heavy plus sized women

  85. A group of male scientists become little girls, and are sent back to the year 2000. They can return to normal, but they need lots of money to recreate their expensive equipment. Fast forward to the present. They've each picked different jobs or careers. You could have an office lady or sales clerk praise a stripper or trophy wife because of her commitment to raising the funds.

  86. Hello, could you please make a caption about a middle-aged, out of shape woman stealing the body of a beach bombshell? Thanks a lot!

    Here you have the pictures, maybe in the second one she is fleeing the scene because the swap caused her former body to pass out, or maybe even die:

  87. Hi! This isn't quite a request, but this comments sections looks like the right place to recommend you the blog Transformation Style:

    I like it for its "before and after" photo manipulations and its morphs. It also has captions, but some of them use very explicit images.

  88. Hi there! I love your captions, especially those about age progression / regression, trait swap and race change.

    Could you please make a F2F caption where a posh lady steals the body or traits of a stripper? Thanks a lot in advance!

    The lady:

  89. I actually have two request so when you will have the time it would be great to see them ! :) Here is the first one: A fat mother have an agrument with her fit daughter about who has it easier. She find a way to swap trait with her and put all the fat in her daughter body to become the fit one. The second one : and old grandmother is nostalgic of her youth and find a magical potion that allowed her to swap the age of the first person she kiss. She goes to her grand daughter house to steal hey youth to become young and perky again to leave her old and saggy and crying ! thank you very much!

    1. I was just wondering if you saw my post , I really love your captions and i think you are the best blogger so i would love to see this take life ! :P

  90. I have an interesting idea about making a cap
    An Alien abduct teenage boy and teenage girl to test their new body swapping machine. the swap was success but the alien forgot to swap back. so in the morning the teenage boy is feeling paralyzed that night but when he wake up he felt something strange.he feels that his chest is larger his hair is longer and his nail is longer too. he open his eyes and see the girl room. he is saw a mirror an look the girl's body. he is confused.

  91. Hello! I have this request with F2F and M2M, where the couple that body swaps together, stays together. Hope you like it, and thanks a lot in advance!

  92. I have a request. Anne Hathaway humors her old high school by attending its reunion. When there, her rival, now a slightly chubby blonde woman, tricks Anne into switching bodies! The new Anne strips down to her underwear to celebrate, then runs away with the actresses life and body, while Anne is left sobbing, feeling her larger body and hating it. Thank you!

  93. Here is my idea for a caption. A mans very unpopular daughter desperately wants to join the cheer leading squad at school but she has no chance since the popular girls on the team think she's a loser, wanting to help his daughter he builds a machine that will allow him to swap bodies with the ditzy cheer leading captain and give his daughter a spot on the team but the swap starts to mess with his mind and he slowly started to actually become her when he tries to switch back he finds that the machine broke after the swap leaving him stuck

  94. Can you make a caption where I have ghost powers and possess my mom by accident?

  95. Hello! I wonder if you could do a trait swap caption using the following text and picture as inspiration, thanks a lot in advance!

    "Less than an hour ago, when she arrived at the amateur fitness contest, she was just skin and bones. The other girls couldn't help but snicker at her underdeveloped physique, just like she expected. Now, after taking a bit of muscle mass from each one of them she is ready to win"

  96. can you do a mom to gf or hot classmate swap captions

  97. can you do a trait swap caption with this before/after pictures of this skinny guy who became a bodybuilder?

    it can be about some bodybuilder thug who has been arrested for hitting his wife and daughter and the court gave him the option to transfer most of his muscularity to his wife and daughter instead of being jailed for years. and when released and comback home after the transfer both his wife and daughter bully him around with their new strength.
    her is two photoshoped pictures of strong and muscular little girls

  98. Can you make a caption, where a teenager tries to swap bodies with Sofia Vergara because he was watching modern family but the messes up and ends up stuck permanently in Sarah Hylands body but ends up happy living his days as her.~JC

  99. Can I request a cap about a guy named Jose decides to permanently swap with Caitlyn from the flash and loves his new life

  100. How about a Trait Swap where a boyfriend losses his height and muscles to his short petite girlfriend

    like in this pic

    1. Hello, another Anonymous here! I just recognized the lady in the picture, her name is Gracyanne Barbosa and she is really popular here in Brazil.

      I found some pictures of her before she got buff that maybe you can use for the caption. My favorite is the first one, which is also it's the biggest. Maybe you can crop the close-up of the necklace, or maybe it's the source of her boyfriend's shrinking... Hope you like them!,,19670881-EXH,00.jpg

  101. Hi there! Could you please make a F2F caption about an aging bimbo stealing the body of a younger and sexier woman? Thanks a lot in advance!

    The picture for the first part:
    I couldn't decide for a picture for the second part, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect one.

    "Karli used to get by on her looks. But now they're gone, withered away like an old piece of fruit. She was supposed to make it big, but instead she ended up stuck in a motel in middle of nowhere.
    She needs a fresh start, to begin anew, and for that she would have to trade her aging body for a young and perky one.
    Luckily for her, she has the means to do so, and a gorgeous girl has just arrived at the motel…"

  102. Hey!! Could you possibly make a public transfer cap where a family winds up falling asleep after a long trip? Possibly mix and match between them swapping among themselves and other travelers.Thanks!

  103. Hi! Could you please do a F2F / magic mirror caption using this picture? Thanks!

  104. Hello! I wonder if you could please do a head swap caption where Victoria Beckham, tired of being called scrawny, buys a new muscular body from the neck down and becomes a bodybuilding champion. Thanks a lot in advance!



  105. I'd like to request a body swap of a Mother, Father, and Son into the bodies of these beautiful Asian girls, preferably with the mother as the flat-chested on (perhaps lamenting losing her DD Breasts or something), the son as the middle girl in both pics, and the father as the other girl.
    The son could be a fan of Anime, hence why he's so happy in both pics.
    They could also have some lingering lesbian desires for one another in their new bodies from the original occupants, perhaps with the son egging them on, telling them its 'technically not incest now'.

    This doesn't have to be included, but they could perhaps end up as porn stars, maybe even 'playing out' what actually happened to them for Body Swap Fetishists, their fans unaware of how true it actually is.

  106. A tomboy/nerdy girl starts at a New school and the popular girls decide to have some fun with her, as they turn her into a bimbo. I would like it if you Did one image inbetween the changes, like as she's feminizing and forgets who she was. Thanks! :)

  107. can you do something with bimbo girl stealing the intelligence and knowledge of smart guy? just like your "wha?" caption just without the body switch.
    i know that there is no visual change her but it still can be great, especialy for people who realy like intelligence swap stories

  108. Hi, I saw this picture and it inspired me a gothic horror body swap idea, although it's a bit vague :

    "A snake-like witch who recovers her youth by "shedding" her skin and taking other woman's physical appearance"

    Sorry if it isn't very clear, maybe you could combine it with another request featuring a similar plot, I wouldn't mind at all.

    Thanks a lot for your captions.

  109. Jane and Albert ,both 35, have been married for years and as a "valentines present" Albert has bought a magic chocolate that turns one into What your partner desires, as a way to look how his wife would like. Little does he know that she's secretly desires to be with a woman, so Albert turns into a good looking 25 year old brunette!

    Though he first despises the idea of spending the rest of his life as a woman, Albert's chocolate makes him change his mind and turns into a really feminine young woman!

  110. How about a guy is jealous of his friend b/c of his beautiful girlfriend so he steals his body using a magic spell in order to be with her then while getting intimate with his new girlfriend the FOSE strikes putting him in her body but it doesn't stop there a few hours later the great shift occurs putting him in the body of the girlfriends teenaged sister

  111. Hi there! Could you please make this F2F body swap caption? Thanks!

    At a gym, a very large, muscular woman makes fun of a smaller newcomer, who surprisingly challenges her to an arm-wrestling match.

    In fact the smaller woman is a body hopper, who requires to touch hands with someone else to swap bodies.

  112. have you ever tried to do a mom to hot class mate of a son. and the mom secretly goes after the son. - mom - class mate

  113. A highschooler who's never had a valentine gets help from a witch to make him desired. However, the magic turns him into a ditzy airhead who gets all the boys attention

  114. not a request for a specific idea, but can you increase the number of age progression/age swaps stories?

  115. Hello! Could you please do a caption about a mysterious woman who is in fact a vampire-like creature that feeds on the youth of her victims? Thanks a lot in advance!

    (I chose some pictures of Monica Bellucci, as her small role in the film "Bram Stoker's Dracula" gave me the idea for this request. I posted here three of them, because although I think that the story could be told in just two parts, the first one is too beautiful not to share. However if you choose to make it a three-part story, I'll be more than happy about it)

    Her, centuries ago:

    Nowadays, a bit hungry, starting to show some age:

    Just after finishing her meal, young and beautiful once more:

  116. One idea I really liked of yours recently was with the possessive glasses. I think the idea of articles of clothing than contain a previous owner's essence is pretty interesting, new, and exciting. With that said, it was a great story. Very well done.

    It would be great if you could do an f2f in a similar fashion where a down on her luck hooker is killed and her essence remained in her shoes/stockings/socks, whatever you prefer. Then, she finds herself in the bodies of different women that somehow encounter her clothing and make the mistake of putting them on. Once inside, she takes full advantage of the new bodies and has plans to revert back to her old ways.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to do one where a mother punishes her otherwise reasonable daughter with a bodyswap. She enacts the bodyswap immediately after school and takes over her daughters social life, and has strict rules for her daughter in her old body. She swaps back for her to go to school only. Her daughter screws up in her adult body, causing the mom to keep her daughters body through summer break. I appreciate your request forums, and love the blog. Definitely the best one I have the priviliege of visiting. Thank you!

    1. sorry, to clarify, she swaps for her to go to school daily, then resumes control of her daughters life when she gets home. sort of a daily routine.

  119. Here's my request:
    So there's this girl and this guy (possibly both around 16) and they've been friends for ages, they know each other really well. He begins to have feelings for her but she is oblivious to the fact that he likes her. One day, they swap and he begins to realise how hot he is?

  120. Hey Ho,
    Could you do a M2F Cap with Alia Shawkat and Palina Rojinski?
    Only of them would be also great :)

  121. How about a caption with a little sister who wanted her brother to play with her and get a device in the mail that would do it but the brother broke the device with cause the two to merge into a teenage girl with both the brother and sister memory fuse but still both in there switching.

  122. Hello! I wonder if you please could do more F2F captions about viral hoppers, I really like those. Thanks!

  123. Hello! I have a possession caption request inspired by one of my favorite science fiction films of the recent years, 'Dredd'

    I got the idea after looking for news of a possible sequel and finding that Alex Garland, the screenwriter of the first one, doesn't believe that it will be made:

    I wonder if you please could make a caption taking place some time after the events in the film, a sequel of sorts. I hope you find the idea interesting and thanks a lot in advance!

    - Judges Dredd and Anderson are investigating a strange murderous cult that has taken control of several levels of a block. After using lethal force against several cultists, they arrive at their leader's private room, who turns to be a scantily clad young woman. Before any of them can pass judgment the suspect pounces on Anderson with an almost inhuman speed, but she manages to shoot her down. However it is already too late for her, as the entity that was possessing the woman has now taken control of her body.

    Some background of the film version of the characters:

    (Maybe Anderson's psychic powers make her more vulnerable to the entity's possession? Also she doesn't wear a helmet because it interferes with them.)

    And the pictures!

    Anderson's last moments of free will:

    Thinking about how fun it will be to possess a Judge:

  124. Love your work! Could you please make more trait swap stories, and more specifically captions about muscle and height theft? Thanks a lot!

  125. Hi! A policeman working undercover in the mafia gets busted by the boss and is transformed into the boss' wife! And as time passes, he starts to enjoy being a hot mobwife!

  126. Hi (:
    A mother has a little crush on his son's friend. She wishes to turn herself into a teen girl but eventually swaps with his son's friend.
    Mother - Jenna
    Son - Elijah
    Son's friend - Tyler

    Mum -
    Son's friend -

  127. Dear Teh can you do two Great Shift captions that shows a drag queen is trapped in the body of a boring housewife and vice versa .

  128. Ronda Rousey, Cat Zingano. You know what to do. :)

  129. Could you do a swap where a 13 year old boy named shawn swaps with emma watson (his crush)

    1. And cap you use this

  130. Could you please do one where a guy named Ben was swapped at birth with Peyton List and he switches bodies with her because he thinks he's the one who should be famous?

  131. Hi! Could you please do this caption? Thanks a lot in advance!

    A stressed-out mature woman purchases a special vacation package to Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval. For a week she will be in the body of a Samba dancer to take part in the parades and use it in any way she wants.

  132. How about a 18 year old get swapped with a girl with big boobs while all his friends swap with guys and he tries to cover his boobs and be "one of the guys" but failing to so as his friends always stare at his bust

  133. Can you do one Where a newlywed couple are turned into mother and daughter because of the Great shift. The wife turned girl is enjoying being young and adapts the typical teen personality. And the husband turned mom also enjoying it after a while!

  134. i really enjoyed the request 'Shedding' you did. i thought you could base it on that but this guy is in love with this girl but she doesn't love him. he buys this bath crystals of some lady and when he uses the bath crystals, he turns into her.

    she doesn't like him since they have a terrible past together.

  135. Hello! Could you please do a caption where, during Spring break an "ugly duckling" student targets the hottest girls at her resort and steals their best traits? Thanks a lot in advance!

    Stages of her transformation:

  136. Hi, could you please do this f2f stolen body caption? Thanks!

    A Latina girl falls asleep while sunbathing by the pool, and wakes up inside the body of her bitter, middle-aged neighbor. Her body is nowhere to be found, and she soon realizes that her neighbor had been planning the theft for a long time.

  137. Hi! I really enjoy your body suit captions and I wonder if you could write one about a nerdy asian girl who wears hers whenever she needs to escape from the pressures of her everyday life. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello again! Now looking at the background of the second picture I realized that it could be the place where she bought her body suit. Maybe you could use that? Thanks again!

  138. I loved your beach week! Could you maybe do a family swap week next?

  139. Maybe do a Grandmother/Grandson one?

  140. Hello there! I wonder if you could do a F2F costume gun caption where a woman fires one at her new boss, an unfairly promoted bimbo. Thanks a lot in advance!

  141. A suburban housewife feels bored of her mundane life and finds a spell to swap bodies with anyone, she steals the body of Wonder Woman (or some other super hero) to give her life more excitement

  142. Could you do a continuation of that were-woman cap, but with a twist where the guy developed a condition that causes him to transform at random times. Also part of the problem is when he transforms randomly and not by the full moon, everybody can see his female self, and that he occasionally blacks out during these particular transformations realizing his female half has developed it's own alter ego and wants full control during these moments.

    I realize this sounds complicated so if you want to do a continuation using your own ideas or some or all of the details above it doesn't matter, this is one of my favorite caps from you I just thought you would like some help :)

  143. I feel like this should be a 2-parter but if you don't want to do that just use pic 2 and I know your kind of tired of celebrities but I'm risking it, so... What if Lindsay Lohan is extremely upset after finding out she has to go to jail for a DUI or something and that she feels old, so later that night she says to herself "I wish I could redo what I've done" or something and a moment later she receives a text saying "it will come at a price" she falls asleep and awakens in 2004 and in her younger and healthy body, and of course she explores herself and enjoys feeling young again. But soon she realizes the price she paid was that she lost all of her fame from that point on.

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:

  144. Hello, could you please make this F2F caption? Thanks a lot in advance!

    "A 20-something party girl needs help urgently. For years she has neglected her studies and now her parents want her to finish college or they will cut her off.

    Suddenly, her spinster aunt comes to her rescue with a crazy plan: body swap!

    She will be in her aunt's body for a "sabbatical year", taking private lessons to make up for all the time she lost. Meanwhile her aunt will be inside hers, getting her life back on track.

    However, shortly after the swap her aunts breaks the deal and decides to just have fun with her new young body"

  145. Dear Teh can you do a Great Shift Family Swap were a whole family is put in the bodies of pregnant women. p.s. here is the cast and pictures you can use.

    Older Daughter (age 14)

    Granpa (age 72)

    Dad (age 50)

    Younger Son (age 12)

    Mom (age 45)

    what do you think Teh can you do it?

  146. Hi! I had an idea for an accidental F2F body swap that I hope you'll find interesting. Thanks a lot in advance!

    An old lady uses a pair of dumbbells that she just bought at a yard sale, unaware that they are enchanted.
    After a number of reps she swaps with a female bodybuilder who was using other dumbbells from the same set before a contest. Though she initially panics, the old lady realizes that she adores her new young, muscular body and resolves to do whatever it takes to keep it.

  147. Can you do a mother to sons girlfriend swap?

  148. Howdy! I discovered your "Body Bank" stories thanks to your "Random Captions!" section, and they inspired me this one that I hope you like and I wonder if you please could caption. Thanks a lot!

    "Back in the Rat Race"
    A senior woman, bitterly disappointed with her life, ruins her family to get a new body from the Body Bank. She believes that with a young, beautiful physique, and a new identity, life will be much easier for her.
    However, her new body costs too much so now she has to work for the Bank to pay her debt. Her new job is to find and seduce attractive people, leading them to a facility where their bodies will be stolen.

    Part 1. Crunching the numbers:

    (Another option, maybe too sad?):

    Part 2. Looking good, still paying for it:

  149. Hello! Could you please make a transformation caption where a mean muscular girl becomes weak and flabby? The details are all up to you. Thanks a lot in advance, I love your work!

  150. hey there, can I please request age progression possession cap where the teen learns of his bodyhopper ability via online and test it out on Maria Moore or someone on the "thicker" end of the body spectrum?

  151. A feminist woman who fights teeth and claws for womens rights gets put in the body of a airheaded trophywife after the Great shift, at first she doesnt like it, but after a while she adjusts to a trophywife's way of living. The husband stays unchanged.

  152. Dear Tehs can you do a follow up these two Great Shift Captions here?

  153. Dear Tehs can you do an After Shift Marathon were the runner is a former football player named Marcus finishes without breaking sweat despite his new body's unlikely appearance?

    p.s. here's a picture you can use.

  154. Hello tehswitcher! I have enjoyed a lot your series Friendly Adventure and Best Picky Friends they are among my favorites.

    I wonder that if you do another series about a couple of young girls trying on different bodies, could they please be two female bodybuilders about to compete at one point of their adventure?

    A funny twist could be that these two women are known rivals so everyone is surprised when they start giggling like schoolgirls and making silly poses in front of the mirror.

    Thanks a lot for reading and for your captions!

  155. A rich scientist wants a family, and transforms a newlywed couple, Jessica and Rob, into his wife and daughter. Jessica Quickly adjusts to the part of eyecandy to her New husband, but Rob, the Now 15 year old girl, is not liking all the attention his former wife gets. I would really like if you could do a version of Rob a few years later when he's Come to love his New female form.

    Thanks! :)

  156. a younger brother admires his elder brother lots but his elder brother is quite adamant. the younger brother finds a spell for them to swap ages but he misread it and swapped bodies instead.

  157. two best friends swap nbodies with a mother and Daughter the guy in the mother's body is jealous of his friend having he younger more busty body

  158. can you make a caption about a man visits japan and doing something (whatever you want) accidently and swapped with japanese female robot.

    1. you can use this picture and crop the left woman

  159. Hello there tehswitcher, it's been a long time!

    Do you remember that request from last year, at the old section, about a female muscle growth story inspired in the film "Death Becomes Her"?

    I ask because I have edited a sequence using stills from the film, that could be used to tell the story in a different, more interesting way.

    These six panels could be fitted into two or even three parts, I hope you like it and thanks a lot in advance!

    Also thanks reading and for sharing your work!


    - Tropican

    (It's about time I started putting my name on my comments...)

  160. Dear Tehs, could you please make a single part POV trait swap caption where a huge bodybuilder guy has his muscles and height stolen by two of his ex-girlfriends? Thanks a lot!

  161. I love ur magic taxi caps and can't see them much lately.can you do magic taxi caps once in a while maybe once a week.

  162. A guy who got swapped to a girl in the grezat shift gets angry at his friends after touching his boobs

  163. Hi there! Could you please make a F2F caption (trait swap or body swap or body suit) using these two images in any order you like? Thanks a lot in advance!

  164. The hot, loud trophy wife of a CEO of a company and the CEO's quiet asian secretary gets involved in Am Accident with the companie's tech. Reality is altered so the trophy wife is the quiet secretary and the asian former secretary is the CEO's hot wife! Their personalities are also switched.

  165. could you do a adsorption caption where asian girl and a blonde are making out when the blonde starts melding into the aisan girl and there memories merge along with there bodies to become a woman that is liking how her body feels

  166. could you do a costume gun caption where a guy becomes stuck as the woman he puts on use the image here please

  167. Could you do a story where a teenage nerd swaps bodies with a hot girl to prank a jock, but falls in love with him instead

  168. Hi, I like so much your work and I'd like to make you a request:

    It would be a caption with this picture:

    The story would be about a guy named Anton who likes a girl (right) so badly that he posseses her best friend (left), but then the girl he lieks finds out. Thank you!

  169. can you do a caption about a young girl(early 20s) that give her mother her youth(not as a body swap) for a specific time period(her mother promise to switch back before the swap will be permanent, and than the mother decide to run a way until the change is permanent?

  170. i am rewriting my request cause i accidently published it before i fixed it.

    can you do a caption about that?: a young girl(early 20s) is giving her mother her youth for a specific time to enjoy it, but when its the time to reverse the transfer the mother runs away and waits until the transfer will be premanent.

  171. Please make a cap where a guy who likes video games gets swapped with his crush through a video game

  172. Sorry if a duplicateApril 20, 2015 at 7:03 PM

    How about one where a couple change into their opposite-sex equivalents (not a swap), by a magic/sci-fi/chemical change? So much swap content already out there, ya know?

  173. could you do a caption of a middle age woman using a spell on a bimbo that she envies that turn her into a spirit and enters the bimbo's body as she takes over her body the bimbo becomes a younger version of the middle age woman use these images please

  174. Hi, i really like your captions and i was wondering if you could do a caption ,preferably with two pictures, about a body swap between a miss reef model at a modeling competition and a surfer with them both enjoying their new lives.thanks!(im also rewriting this request because im and I'm not sure if i went through,sorry if i spammed)

  175. Can you do two After Shift Marathon Captions were the runner is Maureen formerly 45 year old trucker with bad knees named Mack from Alabama who was shifted into a athletic 25 old year Irish woman named Eveleen.

    Who as an unexplained side effect of the Great Shift that effect 35% victims inhered the former owners accent as well there body.

  176. Jeff has been dating a slutty, dumb girl named Cindy. Jeff's sister, Christine who's cute, nerdy and Quite reserved knows that Jeff can Get better and wants to "fix" Cindy. She does this by aquiring a reality altering spell that was supposed to turn Cindy more like Christine, Pretty, but not as much of a bimbo. It works! In a way.. The two girls have changes personalities! So in the New reality Christine is the slutty sister of Jeff and Cindy is his nerdy, yet pretty girlfriend! Christine first tries to fight the changes, but eventually she has to give in.

  177. Hi Tehs I would like to see a Great Shift caption about a 29 year old single mother and her 7 year son were shifted into bodies of two High School Cherleaders.

  178. A dad swaps with his Daughter's busty BFF while his daughter get her small chested friend and then jealousy sparks

  179. Hi, i have an idea for a magic taxi one that might be good.

    A boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to show up at a park when he sees his girlfriend stepping out of a taxi. Instead of walking towards him though his girlfriend goes up to a random person, bums a smoke from them and then starts posing seductively and asking people if they want to "Go out" with her. When he talks to her she has a really thick Chinese accent and tells him about the magic taxi and that she's going back to her original job with his girlfriends body (her original job being hooking). Before he can catch the taxi it had already driven away.

    If there could be a second caption then it could be the girlfriend coming to her boyfriends place. She's in a female body that's very unlike her original body (a punk, gangster or even another prostitute, totally up to you) and that she drove around all day until she picked up her first female passenger and immediately swapped into her. Even though her new body is very unlike her original and it'll take some getting used to her boyfriend decides to stay with her and they remain as a couple.

  180. Hi could you do one were I Jordan 17 year old guy swap with my 42 year old aunt missy she has brown hair. Also can I swap with ariana grande and my English teacher Ms.Findlay she is 30 you can have me get stuck as one thanks your the best

  181. Hello Tehswitcher!

    I had this idea for a Body Suit caption, I hope you like it!

    - Wishing to look her best at an important appointment, a mature woman dials up to eleven the "sexiness" of her body suit, even if the user's manuals clearly advises against it. Now she has to decide whether to go looking like a cartoonish bimbo or like her aged, unattractive real self.

  182. Request: At a high school, a lesbian girl has a crush on a straight girl. A guy who also goes to the school constantly bullies the lesbian girl, making homophobic comments all the time. The lesbian girl then decides to steal his body so she can date the girl she loves, and his sexuality doesn't change so he is a lesbian when in her body.

  183. I really enjoy all of your captions, so I thought i would make a request:

    It would be about a guy who has a crush on a girl (right) so that he posseses her best friend (left).

    Thank you so much

  184. could you do a caption of a single mother in her 50's that has crush on her son's best friend and fears that he won't go for a older woman while her son dreams of being a woman and when she finds this out she casts a spell on herself and her son that makes her melt into her son and turns them into a woman that has the hots for the former son's best friend images for the caption

  185. could you do a caption about a guy that gets a wig in the mail from a unknown sender and thinks it would be funny to see how he would look with it on puts it on only to fell a great surge of energy knock him out and when he wakes up sees that he is now a woman and the wig is now her real hair images for the story

  186. Hey can u do a two parter where a man accidentally swaps with a baby girl instead of the father in magic taxi and the second part is after 18 years where he/she enjoys his new life. maybe u can give a dark past to the man.

  187. Not a request, I just wanted to thank you for your captions tehswitcher!

    You rock!

  188. I would love to see a caption where teenage boy wants to attend a Hatsune Miku concert but the show is sold out he wishes he could go to the concert and the next day in the mail he receives a ticket and special backstage pass so he arrives at the show and goes backstage once he gets there he blacks out when he wakes I up again he discovers that he was put into a robotic Hatsune Miku body now he can to go to all of her concerts as her


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