Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Break Until April 25

I felt bad leaving you guys hanging until I'm back, 
so I figured I'd leave you with a proper post as I leave, 
and some caption blogs I like to check out from time to time...

Feel free to leave more recommended blogs by commenting/emailing them.
I'll update this post with new suggestions.


  1. I was wondering why I had so many pageviews today, ahah.
    Thanks a lot :)
    I'm a big fan of those ones, if I may add some:

  2. tehswitcher,

    Have a good time away, and don't do anything that I wouldn't do. On second thought, If it Harms None, Do what you want.


  3. Glad to see you back! I had another idea for a request… Although I feel sorry for increasing your already huge "to do" list! However, I like this one much more than the others, and I think it might be easier to do. The names of the characters are just letters, in case you want to change them. Hope you like it!

    A body theft tale of "The World That's Coming!" inspired by Jack Kirby's OMAC: and
    +At Mrs. X home:
    - Good morning Mrs. X, this is Doctor Y of Body Bank. We have a suitable donor for you: young, healthy, fit and with all the physical traits you requested. She has just signed a contract for our new promotion, the "deluxe beauty treatment deal"; giving us all her personal information in exchange for free use of our spa. She has no known close relatives and she marked her job as "adult entertainer: subcategory stripper". Here you have a selection of pictures and all her physical stats. Are you interested?
    - Sure I am! She is perfect! I'm sending you the money right now.
    - Congratulations for your purchase, Mrs. X. You can come this afternoon to our headquarters for the procedure.
    +At the spa:
    - May I say that you have a magnificent body, Ms. Z?
    - Yeah, whatever. I totally work out, and like, eat very healthy. I mean, I really take care of my body, okay?
    - Then, why did you choose to sign for our offer? You don't seem to be in immediate need of our services, and you had to give us very personal information to earn it.
    - Because staying this hot isn't cheap, bitch! And now more massaging and less talking! I even gave you creeps my shoe size to get this deal, so shut your mouth and be useful.
    - Ms. Z, I believe I could ask you the same.
    - …
    - You are now wondering why you can't move or talk, aren't you? The gel I rubbed on you was laced with a paralyzing agent, so we can process your body without any incidents. Well, it isn't "yours" anymore, it has been purchased by someone who will give it a better use. You should have read the fine print before signing the contract, sweet dreams.
    + At Body Bank HQ:
    - Well, Mrs. X, the procedure has been a complete success. How do you like your new body?
    - I love it! I feel so alive, so energetic! I can't wait to show it off at the Country Club, the old hags there will die of envy!
    - Remember that we have your old body stored in our cryogenic vault, In case you want to recover it.
    - Thanks, but I doubt I'll ever need it again. I'm going to use this beauty for as long as possible, and when it starts to get old and saggy I know where I can find a new one!


    - Tropican

    1. Hello again!

      I think I was too precise with this request, and didn't left room for your creativity, which is what I enjoy the most. I'll summarize it to the basic plot, so you can make it yours.

      In a near, cyberpunkish future, and aging woman receives a call from a purveyor of new bodies (which may be a legal activity or not). Cut to the "donor" moments before she is paralyzed to be easily processed. It ends with the older woman admiring her brand new body.

      I found another picture for the story's end, I think it may work better than the first one:

      Thanks a lot!

      - Tropican

    2. Hello again! I couldn't help myself, and wrote another short story, this time dealing with some of the consequences of the Body Bank's activity. Hope you like it:

      - Body Bank? This is Mrs. W and I would like to file a complaint. I paid a deposit a month ago for a beautiful, young body and I'm still waiting for it!

      - We are really sorry, Mrs. W, but as I can see, your request was very specific, and we haven't found a local match for it yet.

      - I don't care! All the other women I know already have their new bodies, and I'm stuck in this one watching myself rot!

      - I'm seeing right now our national records, and I believe we have a viable donor in the other side of the country. We could arrange your procedure for the next week, if you want.

      - That's too late! I need a new body now! I can't go to this night's reception at the embassy looking like everybody's grandmother!

      - There is another option, we can get you a provisional body completely free of charge which you can use until the other arrives. But I must warn you that it might deviate from your original petition.

      - Fine, anything to avoid being tonight's laughingstock.

      - What the hell?!

      - I guess you're not satisfied, Mrs. W?

      - Of course I'm not! Where did you get this body? Ugh, I look so trashy in it!

      - I assure you that our products are selected with the highest quality standards. However, because of the urgency of the situation we had to ignore some of your requests.

      - Some of my requests? You mean all of them! For instance I wanted a natural blonde, and I recall being very clear about tattoos!

      - We can place you back in your old body if you want…

      - No, no, I'll keep this one until next week… Hmph maybe this isn't so bad at all. I had forgotten how great it feels to be young and strong. But now I have to find a new dress that fits on this enormous rear!


      - Tropican

    3. Hello there!

      I just found this gorgeous splash page from the issue of OMAC that inspired me the "Body Bank" request, and I wanted to share it!

      And I wonder, how are its chances of being among the upcoming completed requests?


      - Tropican

    4. For this weekend -- I don't think I'll be able to get to it, but it always helps to be reminded! I'll really really try and get it up for next weekend!

    5. Thanks for the reply! I don't mind waiting a little bit more, I'm sure it will be awesome! Please, if you are going to do the first request, use for the ending the picture that I posted on the 28th. Thanks!


      - Tropican

    6. Nice! Thanks again Tropican. :D

  4. That's some good stuff Tropican!

    1. Really glad you liked it, coming from you I take it as a very hight compliment!

      I found the picture on the right while looking for images for my OMAC request, but it was too small. However it inspired me a story, and I looked for another image to complete it, one with a stripper taking a selfie. I found one that suited my needs but it was also too small and had poor resolution. So in the end I put them together in the same panel. I struggled to fit the text, balancing brevity with content (you make it seem easy!) But I think it ended being a bit too small.

      Again, thanks a lot for your kind words, and if one day you want to make a caption with the concept "dumb girl lends her body to her landlady to settle a debt and it backfires spectacularly - selfies & strippers edition" I'll love to see it!




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