Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Out in Your Skin

TIT = The Infamous Typos
(curse my apathy)

Part 1

Part 2


  1. It's so nice how generous (and persuasible) her friend is!

    - Tropican

  2. Loved this one!

    Can you make a caption with this picture about a careless female body hopper that likes to steal/ possess the bodies of very fit women. But due to her laziness and unhealthy lifestyle she quickly ruins them and has to take another, and another...
    Thanks a lot!

  3. I love this one too! Great job!

    Hello there! Long-time fan here, first time requesting. I know you are overstocked with requests, but here is mine, in case you want to do it. Thanks in advance!

    You see, I love this picture of two blondes rollerblading around the beach; http://getabikini.com/photos/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Bikini-blondes-on-roller-blades-molly-cavalli.jpg
    I think there is a great body swap or trait swap caption in it, and even figured out several scenarios:

    - The girl on the left used to be the hottest of the duo, but her friend got tired of being second best; now the power balance has shifted.

    - The girl on the left has been living on the shadow of the other for too long, and now she is finally ready to take her place as queen of the beach.

    - The girl on the left works at a body dealership. She is trying to convince a very wealthy mature woman to buy a new one, so they are making a test drive.

    - The two girls used to be twins, but the one on the right got an "upgrade", in order to stop looking like the other.

    - The two girls were having what looked like a playful race, but the prize was actually all the desirable traits of the loser.

    - The two girls are in fact, incredibly old sorceresses. They just stole these beautiful bodies today and are taking them for a stroll.

    I'll be happy with whatever you choose, I'm sure that the result will be great! Thanks a lot!


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