Sunday, May 24, 2015

Marital Swap Class

Can't always fit the reqs in a caption,
but if you want more background you can
check out what the requester wrote.

Part 1

Part 2
"One could be for a kind of swap class where the students get to practice being husband and wife by swapping with a volunteer married couple. The first two students, a boy and girl who didn't really get along, are swapped and accidentally get put in the wrong bodies, and the switch lasts at least a month. The married couple were very rich and glamorous, with the wife being a trophy wife, who had had "Some work done". The guy has alot of trouble adjusting to his new body, but together the guy and girl manage to get used to married life and pass the exam. If there's a part two to this caption then it could be them back in their original bodies, and while the married couple were in them the wife had made the girl dye her hair blonde and gotten breast implants, while the guy now keeps getting business calls from the husbands workmates."


  1. well done , good story well told

  2. Plutonic is I think a type of igneous rock. I think you mean Platonic.

  3. Hi, requester here. Thanks so much for doing this! It turned out great!

    Though, sorry that my request was so long, i had the gist of it in mind but i filled out the details as i typed, so i guess it was alot bigger than i thought it was going to be. If i do another request i'll make sure i'm more succinct!

  4. I love the mix up. lol - I'd say Chelsea's original body looks much better, but I wonder, if after being a husband for a month if she doesn't want to go back to being a guy? Does she end up swapping with Mike?

    1. Doubt she'd want to swap with Mike, but I'm sure she enjoyed the experience.


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