Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bad Situation

Finding pics for this was hard, so bare 
with me on the explanations for this one.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

"After unknowingly purchasing an item that made them switch their bodies in Spells R Us, Nick and his younger sister Christina head back to the store to complain.
Nick was a blond and athletic college player of 20, and Christina was a thin and black haired 11-year-old, but now they’re stuck as each other.
After explaining to the Wizard in the store, he says there’s no way of going back to their original bodies, but he tells them he can ease the changes by having them transform a second time. He offers them a gender-bending potion, so that they can become opposite-sex versions of the bodies they now inhabit. They accept, because Nick is very afraid of growing up again, this time into a woman.
Nick in Christina’s body becomes Christian, a boy version of her sister. He’s still 11 and black haired as she was, but is a little taller, and at least this time he will go into puberty in the right direction.
Christina drinks the potion and transforms Nick’s body into a female version of himself. “Nikki” is as blonde as he was, and as athletic, which in his female version is complemented by being curvy and busty.
Nick can endure living as Christian and Christina is beyond excited about being hot Nikki."


  1. I really liked this idea! Great caption and a great idea! Good job (as usual!) :)

  2. Thanks for taking my request!

    1. Thanks everyone, and thank you for requesting it!

  3. Imaginative story. Nice to see something different.

  4. Where did you find these images?

  5. Yay! An age swap story, sort of! Very good.


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