Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Treat

The picture was requested for this caption by D.J.


  1. funny & charming. ANythinggo wrong?

  2. Hey teh I love your caps, anyway I was wondering if you could make a caption where a nerdy guy named kc gets into a public transfer with a ditzy bimbo cheerleader. Then he tries to switch them back with a machine he fabricated so she won't fail his classes and lowwer his grades, only to switch each others I.q's and personalities. You can change some stuff around if you choose, thanks

  3. I got a request I would like to see.
    Nathan finds out that his Girlfriend Gillian will only date him if he knows what it like to be a girl for a week so Gillian gets Nathan's Neighbor Kaiti to switch bodies with him. As the week passes Nathan loves being a girl so then. So on Nathan and Gillians First date they switch bodies forever.


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