Monday, August 1, 2016

New Appeal (Part 1)

Part 1A

Part 1B

Part 1C
Links: Part 2Part 3Part 4

Part 1C photo credit: ThatNordicGuy


  1. Are you still planning on rotating week by week? I think it's a better option just to do one of each a day.

    1. THIS sounds like a great idea!

    2. You've seen the inconsistency of my posting lol, you know that won't work. Honestly, I might try that if I can get into a groove. We'll see!

  2. Nah, pure Megan Fox is still better than Angelina Fox.

    Jolie is one overrated walking cheekbone.

  3. It's interesting how people can really differ. To most, Angelina Jolie is the definition of angular features. But this is a great series either way.

  4. I just love it!

    A merge captions with celebs is some thing special!

    Greetings g-guy

  5. Request.
    A star trek themed caption.
    I'm Jay, and I like startrek a lot.
    I made the wish I could be a Vulcan officer aboard the Enterprise, just like Spock, but instead, the wish went wrong and ended up as T'Pol. The result is... fascinating


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