Saturday, March 20, 2021

Model Takeover

What's the difference between a merge and absorption cap?
Um... I think absorption means the person absorbed is GONE, mentally.
While merged keeps the two people's mental aspects together in one body.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. Replies
    1. I had some fun with it for sure. Though I kind of rushed through the middle picture. The 1st and 3rd stuck out because of the same shared color of clothing. Figured I could make an absorption cap with something like that.

  2. You know you should repeat another "out in the sun"

    1. "Repeat" -- hm, that's an interesting word. Do you mean literally just repeat the words and give new pictures? Or do you mean like reboot that same story, like people reboot Freaky Friday every decade or two? Or... do you mean, do a reboot with different demographics, like a Female Ghostbusters type thing?

  3. I know that they're not very popular, but have you ever thought about doing another M2M caption?

    1. I certainly think about em -- shoot me an idea and maybe I might think about it even more! I'm not opposed...

    2. How about two families switch bodies with each other? Basically, the mothers (Michelle, Cindy) of the families are quite close to each other with Cindy being a single mother and Michelle being married. Michelle's husband is an inventor, who is away on a business trip and has recently invented a device that switches people minds. Due to him being away, Michelle and Cindy both think that it'd be fun to try the device out. They also both only have one kid, so they think it'd be nice to have have their sons involved on the switch. Cindy's son John is sixteen years old and is rather shy while Michelle's son Kyle is also sixteen but is quite athletic and extroverted.

      When the families switch, they also assume their new roles in life. Michelle teaches Cindy's English classes while Cindy gets to be a stay-at-home mother while in Michelle's body. Meanwhile, John must deal with Kyle's swimming while Kyle has to deal with John's higher learning classes. It should also be noted that John wasn't overly happy about being in another boy's body, but slowly begins to enjoy it. Also Kyle, in John's body, continues some of his old habits such as hitting on as many girls as possible and even gets laid as John. Kyle doesn't treat his new body with much respect.

      When their week of swapping is over, the two families go to switch back but the machine isn't working for some reason. John is excited about this, has he has adjusted to being Kyle, while Kyle isn't overly happy as he wants his old body back. The two mothers are a bit concerned but are hopefully that Michelle's husband can fix it so that they can switch back to normal.

      Sorry that this reply is so long, but I'd decided to add in some F2F so that it isn't just M2M and people who dislike M2M won't be completely turned off by it.

    3. Interesting -- thanks for the request!


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