Monday, September 9, 2013

Envious Actions

Part 1

Part 2


  1. I cant really blame her though ;)

  2. Can you do a caption where a brother and a sister are accidentally swapped by the medallion and after years of living in each others lives, one of them finds the medallion again?

  3. I have a suggestion if so choose to accept it. A freshman college kid is invited to a sorority party by a drop.dead gorgous girl. He accompanies her as his "date". Once all the guests arrive, the girl takes a slutty position and tells the guy to touch her. If course he does, as does all the dates to their girls, but then an some magic words are said over by a woman on a mic stand and boom! His soul gets ripped out. Turns out tht whoever ua looking at or touching a person gets swapped them. The guy ends up in the slutty pose getting groped by his own body to be told that it is a whole sorority of witches! What plans are made for tonights shananagins for the poor party goers? You decide!

    1. Wiw tht long! My bad Please do it though, I have yet to get a suggestion done! :)


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