Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ordinary People (Part 2)

Part 2A

Part 2B

Part 2C
Links: Part 1Part 3

Now how to end this... any ideas?


  1. You should show the dad switch then have the family reunite ( the dad gets swapped into a girl but he chose to )

    Also I have a request could you do one like the caption with the red button but with different people huge fan

  2. There's a double your in part 2 B. but otherwise really enjoyed it. Maybe once the dad has swapped he could... Um. Something? Okay this is why im not the writer...

  3. How about the son wanting to be a boy again and ending up in the sisters body instead, while the father stays unswapped having trouble being surrounded by so many women.

    Or the father could end up a little girl because his only request on the swapifieds was "to be younger and fit with his family again".

  4. Maybe have the dad become a total stud and hook up w/ new wife

  5. The dad, who was the head of the household, gets fed up with his families mistreatment of his good genes, and doesn't look at his wife the same. To show his hatred of his new swapped family, he gathers up the families old bodies and one, he swaps with some one and leaves to be the head of a new household. Leaving them with a bimbo with a rockin body whose to srupid to do his job ,or two, he makes them go back to their old bodies, but in different roles! The mom, wanting to be "young", becomes the older sister, the son is forced ro be the wife to see how "mature" he really is, and the daugter gets put in the brother as punishment for flirting with her father and acting so immature ( thats why she gets the "younger" brothers body.)
    Also it would be dunny if he was a total hipocrit and stole a body at the end too!

  6. Also id like to make a suggestion! A girl, who is stuggling on her math test is confronted by a nerdy ghost whise offers to take the test for. The ghost warns her that if she accepts he get a full ride in her smoking hot bod for the rest of the day! Also, if she evr needs help again, its increased to a week and so on. I would love to see the girl really study so that she doesn't nhave to be groped by himany more, but no atter how ard he tried she couldn' t get a good grade. Thats cause the ghost posseses the teacher to make sure she never does well!

  7. Here's my idea, one with detail and one that's just an outline:

    Women tricked in to the wrong body/life by someone else on swapifieds gets her revenge on the creator of the site. Forces them in to a body that would mean they'd be fooled/tricked every day for the rest of their life!

    A successful women in her late 30's/early 40s (avg looking, pretty cute though) feels as though her best years are behind her and wants to swap someone younger so she can use all she's learnt in life to be even better the 2nd time around.

    Ends up being tricked and swapped in to some freshman girls body, she is the opposite of the women. Completely unfocused on being successful and just wants to party. Has a reputation for being a complete ditz and a bit of a slut. Her extreme looks mean she has no chance of ever being taken seriously and any chance getting close to the life she once had!

    Woman wants to get back swapfieds for putting her in this body and tricks the swapified creator (who no doubt is always looking for someone new to swap with!) in to the body a dumb bimbo. They get stuck with the body and brains of that ditz. - Forever to be fooled and exploited everyday!

    Btw I love the F2f captions you do, there isn't very many sites that do them and even fewer as well as you do! - Please keep it up :)

    1. Not that anyone could beat teh :) but have you seen crazy erica's? They're pretty good too. If you know of even more definatly tell me, i love f2f too and i know what you mean, only three or four people do them.

  8. How about just let the person writing the captions decide where to take the story next? Just a thought.

    1. I'm siding with you donna, did you even read everything brian? Or did you just look at the pretty pictures?


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