Saturday, January 25, 2014


Another Request Weekend begins!!
...with more Taylor Swift swapping.
Lol, seriously guys?

"It would be nice if you could see a great shift caption involving a guy in his late 20's or around 30 who is tired of his job get swapped into taylor swift's body and he's loving it because he is one of her biggest fans "


  1. man l want to swap body with taylor swift you are luckie l want to be sexy and wear high heels and l am ten year old and a boy and she hot is there a spell or some thing the great shift sound awesome!!!

  2. man you r sexy and its me agnin the ten year old l still want to be taylor swift!!

  3. hay guy its me taylor swift and guss what l body swap with here ohh l am the ten year old so l am here if u see me say hi and l had sex with a sex man man sex is so awesome for a ten year old boy that's in taylor swifts body

  4. please comment on mee

  5. Plz make a part two to this


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