Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mom's Request

Part 1

Part 2

"make a cap about a guy helping her mom switch into the body of a younger hot girl "


  1. Great story an adaptation!

    I really like your work, specially the F2F trait swap, age swap, body swap and stolen body genres.

    Recently I found this gallery of several editions of the Silvercash Bikini Contest: And I believe it is a goldmine! You might find bigger versions of this pictures, searching by images on google, but this works well as general collection.

    It inspired me not one, but two different multiple panel stories!

    While writing this piece I found this page: with several images that don't appear on the first one, and might be very useful for the second tale. I know you will find the ones that better suit your needs.

    -The first one is a body swap story:

    "Ilalotha, Lunalia and Ulua, the three witches of the Morthylla Coven have the secret for eternal youth and beauty. Every ten years, on the day of Summer Solstice, they transfer their wicked spirits to new bodies. The old ones turn to ashes once the sun sets, and Death is tricked once again.

    Centuries ago, this used to be a very difficult task. They had to keep track of appealing "donors" and had to plan their escape in advance to avoid the dreaded witch hunters.

    But on this modern age, their ritual has become much more easy, almost like a game. Their powers have increased over the years, and now they can trade bodies just by will alone, with no need for potions or amulets.

    Also, there are SO many to choose from! The prudishness of the past is long gone, and now they can see and touch the "merchandise" before acquiring it. And what better place to do so than a bikini contest?

    Entering in the competition was a cakewalk, their current bodies are beautiful, they chose them well ten years ago. And now they strut around the swimming pool, chatting with their minds about the women surrounding them, comparing, choosing.

    Soon they will switch their doomed bodies, and their victims will die on their places.

    Another decade of witchcraft and careless hedonism awaits."

    - Tropican

  2. (Continuation)

    - The second one is of trait swap and a little age swap story.

    You see, one of the contestants appears on each edition of the contest, from 2004 to 2007. Her name is Jessica Canizales, and she can be easily tracked with pictures 16, 38, 82 and 161.

    According to the internet, she was born in 1979 so by the time of her first contest on 2004 she was only 25 years old, although she looks a little bit older than that. At her last appearance she is still hot as hell but looks aged, specially when compared with younger, more fresh faced contestants.

    Also you can see her bikini getting skimpier with each edition, like she was trying to keep her edge on the competition.
    She is, by far, my favorite and I would love to see an story about her.

    The idea is a "turning of the hourglass" tale, as she starts the story with her 2007 looks. I'll provide some indications for the pictures that I use to tell the story, but you might want to expand the selection.

    "Jessica arrives to the contest ready to win, but soon realizes that she is surrounded by younger, taller and even bustier rivals! Her look of disappointment in pictures 171 and 173 is very eloquent.

    However, she has an ace up her (figurative) sleeve. She is wearing a pair of enchanted earrings, a family heirloom, that allow her to steal youth and beauty from other women. Their magic is reliable, but slow. She wouldn't be able to rejuvenate herself in time by draining from a single victim. Fortunately there are dozens of "donors" around her!

    She starts syphoning the life-force of the contestants and soon she feels younger, more energetic. The change from serious face on picture 165 to open smile on 161 shows her growing confidence. She easily passes the first selection round and hurries to change her bikini.

    The second round is way harder, pictures 95 and 96 shows her coveting the vitality of her rivals. Her looks on picture 82 shows the moment another surge of energy enters her body. She qualifies for the next round, another costume change follows.

    Now I use the pictures from 2004 instead of 2005, for the sake of her changing hairstyle, which turns longer and to blonde as she absorbs more and more life-force.

    Picture 16, she doesn't remember the last time she felt this good! She qualifies with ease for the final round. However she doesn't lower her guard; there is still plenty of vitality to steal!

    She now wears her "voodoo bikini" to honor her black magic practice. Invisible rivers of energy flow from the remaining contestants to her body. On picture 40 the announcer says her name, she is the winner!

    On picture 47, she is asked for the secret of her looks: Just exercise, nutrition and a good inheritance - she answers, devilishly."

    Well, I hope you like my overly long suggestions.

    Keep on the good work!


  3. Hi there, just dropping by!

    I've doing some research and here are more pictures of Jessica at the Silvercash contests:

    - More pictures from 2003 to 2006. The penultimate of the 2004 series is just perfect for a trait/youth stealing caption. The previous page on this thread has more related images:

    - This one has extra images from the 2007 competition:


    - Tropican

  4. Hope I'm not late, but I just found another gallery of the 2007 edition:

    Jessica appears on pages 5 and 6. In picture 106 she ogles her competition in an almost predatory way, maybe you'll find it useful.

    Keep on the good work!

    - Tropican

  5. Hello again!

    I found yet another gallery with new images, 2004 and 2005 editions; this feels almost like archaeology!

    Both the second picture of the second line and the third (counting the broken link) of the fourth line, has Jessica fondling her own hair. Maybe the sequence when she turns blonde thanks to all the stolen life-force?

    Well, I think this could be the last of it. The original Silvercash galleries must have been very large, with a lot of pictures of each contestant from all the editions.

    What we have now are different selections of that source material that somehow have remained online. But I guess this is not too shabby.

    Thanks and good luck!

    - Tropican

  6. nice job tropican o.O !!! tehswitcher u never fail,nice work ! and please,make a trait swap,i love it !!!


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