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Hi everyone!

Being a caption-reader myself, I know it can be very annoying or helpful to have labels to guide you to the caps you want to see. I wanted to poll you guys to see if you had any labels that would make certain caps easier to find for you.

So what I'm asking you to do is just comment with labels you'd want, maybe give a description to help me if you need to, or a couple caps (w/e helps you communicate it best to me).

If this is something you couldn't care less about, I guess I won't see any comments at all. But if I see a lot of comments asking for a specific label, that probably means I'm missing something. Just wanted to give you guys a chance to get what you want!


Current New Labels Being Added (currently at 3/15/12): Age Progression/Regression, Age Progression/Regression (swap) Babysitter, Mutual, New Orientation, Personality Change, POV, Slow Transformations, and Descriptions including: asian, black, braces, busty, chubby, hispanic, and indian.
Label Descriptions (a work in progress)

  • Age Progression - Person grows older in the same body.
  • Age Progression (swap) - Person grows significantly (by my discretion) older when switched with another person, both people are shown in caps to count.
  • Age Regression- Person grows younger in the same body.
  • Age Regression (swap) - Person grows significantly (by my discretion) younger when switched with another person, both people are shown in caps to count.
  • Age Swap - Switch ages; not bodies
  • Animal - Involves swap/possession/transformation with animal
  • [Body Descriptions]: Asian, Black, Braces, Busty, Chubby, Hispanic,and Indian (all to my discretion)
  • Aunt/Nephew - Involves swap/possession/transformation with aunt and nephew
  • Aunt/Niece - Involves swap/possession/transformation with aunt and niece
  • Babysitter - One of the people involved is a babysitter
  • Body Catalogue - When a celebrity chooses another celeb out of a catalogue to use his/her body for a role
  • Body Hopper - Involves a person who has the power to jump from one body to the other; sometimes via switching bodies, other times via possession
  • Body Lottery - People who sign-up get put into a lottery where they will be switched at random with another person who entered the lottery
  • Body Suit - A body that anyone can fit into and wear as if it were their own
  • Body Swap - One person switches bodies with another
  • Brother/Sister - Involves swap/possession/transformation with a brother and sister
  • Celeb Swap - Involves swap/possession/transformation with a celebrity
  • Collab - A caption where I've done one part, while another captioner has done another
  • Costume Gun - After being shot by the costume gun, a person can wear the victim's body
  • Exchange Island - A vacation resort where those entering have their bodies switched with other vacationers on the island
  • F2F - Involves swap/possession/transformation with two females
  • F2M - Involves swap/possession/transformation where one female is put into the body of a male (I only use this tag when the male is visibly seen on the caption)
  • Family Swap - Involves swap/possession/transformation between many members of a family ("many" is from my discretion, won't be just two members, for example)
  • Father/Daughter - Involves swap/possession/transformation with father and daughter
  • Grandfather/Granddaughter - Involves swap/possession/transformation with grandfather/granddaughter
  • Grandmother/Granddaughter - Involves swap/possession/transformation with grandmother/granddaughter
  • Great Shift - A worldwide event where many people have switched bodies with each other
  • Inanimate - Involves swap/possession/transformation with an inanimate object
  • M2F - Involves swap/possession/transformation, where one male is put into the body of a female (only used when female is visibly seen on the caption)
  • M2M - Involves swap/possession/transformation with two males
  • Magic Mirror - A transformation where the person engaging with the mirror assumes the body of the last person who engaged with the mirror, involuntarily
  • Magic Taxi - A cursed taxi driver must ride his/her taxi in the body of the driver until they say "Have a nice day" to one of his/her passengers when they leave, at which that person will switch bodies with them
  • Mate Swap - Involves swap/possession/transformation between two romantic partners
  • Mother/Daughter - Involves swap/possession/transformation with a mother and a daughter
  • Mother/Son - Involves swap/possession/transformation with a mother and her son
  • Mutual - People involved have both agreed to the swap/possession/transformation (does not include exchange island)
  • New Orientation - After the swap/possession/transformation, the person has a new, different sexual orientation
  • Non-Caption - Posts that don't have any captions in them
  • People's Choice - Captions that are the result of polls
  • Personality Change - People involved have a significant personality or attitude change (my discretion)
  • Possession - When a person's body is taken over by another person (but not via body suit/costume gun)
  • POV - Caption's picture shows the view from the point of view of one of the people involved
  • Pregnant - Involving a pregnant person
  • Race Change - Involving a person whose race has changed after the swap/possession/transformation
  • Request - Content in the caption has been requested by someone else
  • Sister/Sister - Involves swap/possession/transformation with two sisters
  • Slow Transformation: When a person's transformation/swap is slow, or described slowly (by my discretion)
  • Stolen Body - When a person's body has been intentionally stolen, permanently, or until the thief decides to give it up
  • Swap Class - A class in which the students enrolled will be switched with others in the class
  • Swapifieds - A classifieds list in which people post what type of body they want, or the body they are willing to give up, through body swapping
  • Swapped at Birth - Through some event, two people were body swapped at birth
  • Trait Swap - Only traits are switched (e.g. beauty, athleticism, etc.)
  • Transformation - No body switching or possession involved. One person's body is shifted into another form
  • Uncle/Niece - Involves swap/possession/transformation with an uncle and his niece
  • Undercover - A body is used as an undercover disguise
  • Wrong Body - Person put in the body of the wrong person


  1. Maybe a tag for girls of asian descent. Sometimes I just want to read a cap with them in it and not go through every cap looking for one :)

    1. Or maybe just tags for general body descriptions. Big boobs, black, Hispanic, chubby, etc.

    2. Lol, though I'm sure you could imagine how subjective things like "big boobs" could get. Body descriptions would be a hefty goal. I'll be thinking about this one...

    3. How about a "Short" "Tall"? That is, if someone becomes shorter, or taller, the labels would apply.

  2. How about a babysitter tag? Really want to find those quick and easy.

  3. How about one for your sports captions

  4. I suggested Braces the other day

  5. How about more specific age regression/progression tags? I.e. Adult to teen, kid to adult, etc.

    1. This. Not only when there's an age swap, but a body swap also, so that we know the victim has transformed into someone older/younger.

    2. I guess my issue with this so far has always just been: Where's the cut-off for when it's not worth putting a prog/reg tag on it? For example, is 14->16 not worth it? If I go through with this one, I guess I'd end up using my discretion.

      (just thinking out loud)

    3. I'd say if it's generally close in age. For example if it's two high schoolers (so 15-18) it wouldn't count. But a high schooler to college age would. Maybe that could be how it's done. Kid --> middle school (like 12-14) --> high school --> college --> adult --> middle aged --> elderly.

    4. I see, I see. Well, for the sake of having to comb through a ton of caps, I'm gonna just keep it to age progression/regression for now.

    5. On second thought, I'll be going through them any way... Heck, I'll do it. Just gonna take a while is all.

  6. I second the babysitter tag.

  7. slow transformations would be awesome , like that pendulum one that was sick!!!

  8. I posted some request pics but nothing seems to have been done with them. Oh well, I tried.

    1. Not the time, bro. We're talking about labels here.

  9. Second the babysitter tag, as well as the more specific age regression/progression one

  10. A tag that describes the new sexual orientation of the transformee when gender is swapped? I tend to find captions quite inviting when the male character ends up a heterosexual female. It'd be nice to be able to find them more easily!

    1. Hm, I might be able to throw in a "new orientation" label for that.

  11. do one for friends and mutual swaps

  12. "Intentional" or "willing" are my favorite types of caps, and I actively seek them out whenever I can.

  13. For a family swap tag, make sure it is 2< .

  14. POV for point of veiw caps

  15. Ones where the persons attitude/personality changes? No idea what the best tag would be but love those kind of captions!

  16. A "friends" tag where a person interacts (has sex) with a friend after being swapped

  17. Witness Protection Program

  18. How about a Gay/Lesbian tag? While you may not have ones that are explicitly gay/lesbian (generally focused on the heterosexual in the cases) you do have a few that include it. I will also be posting a request on your request page of a similar nature.

  19. Now that you have the "chubby" tag, could you add another for "muscular"?


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