Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nice Life

"I would like to see a guy who has made a great life for himself, nice wife, a lot of money, etc, having his body stolen by a teenage girl who is failing at school, and they also swap intelligence "


  1. Love this one, nice to see a girl doing the stealing for a change. Even though the ditz needed help ;)

  2. I really like trait-swap captions!

    What I'd love to see is one between two high school/college girls. Both jealous of each other, one's super popular but a bit of ditz. As she's not the sharpest and envies the other for not has to play on her looks for respect. The other is a quick witted girl whose fully focused on her studies but garners for the attention the other gets. - Little do both realise that in getting what they want they'll never be the same again!

  3. Oh, wow, what a wicked plot. Hehehe



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