Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Heights

"Hello there! Could you made a height swap caption with this picture, please? 
I'm imaging an scenario where the phone has magical powers that allow the user to steal the traits of others. Maybe the girl with the flowered dress, once very tall, agreed to lend some of her height to her short friend; but she betrayed her trust and took almost all of it, turning her into a pip-squeak! "

The picture for this caption was requested as well.


  1. Thanks a lot for doing my request! You did a great job and I love the pun of the title.
    I wonder what else Nadine could steal from Sarah, or if she will leave her and look for new victims.

  2. nice work ! i love trait swaps :33

  3. Can make more of these

  4. Please make more

  5. Firstly, I love trait swaps and hope you do more of them and post them more frequently. Second, I'd love to see this become part of a series.

    1. Loved this one too! I would like it to spark a new series...

  6. Follow up on this? Nice reboot or mini series? :)


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