Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pilot Testers #5

Part 1

Part 2
Others: #1#2#3, #4, #6

"I'd appreciate being a part of it as well if you're cool with that.

I'm not too good with M2F caps, but since it must be, (seeing as how I'm male lol), could it possibly be a cap where I get tricked into swapping? If it's going with the celeb theme, could it be with Rooney Mara? I'll leave it at that since I want you to have creative control with it."


And you thought it couldn't be done Skullovitch! 


As always, feel free to comment if you'd like to be in one of these yourself!(that means, pics, scenarios, people, etc.)I'm going to try and get everyone who asks in this, in some way.


  1. With quality caps like these, there's no room for doubt switcher! :P
    Really liked the devious twist on Rooney's part.
    Thanks for involving me in this great series!

    Also, I dug "Skully" far too much

  2. I would really like if I'm in one of these email me if I'm chosen

  3. I loved the twist in this story! Skully is a real friend!

  4. I was wondering if I could get switched with a dumb hot girl or celebrity to see if intelligence is also swapped and it definitely is.

  5. Could I get swapped with anybody? (Preferably a redhead.)

  6. I posted this request yesterday here, but it seems it was deleted:

    I wanna also try this pilot testers thing, but I'm a girl. Can you do a F2F one?

    When I hea about the pilot testers, I decide to apply, since I want to be curvier. I'm luckily selected to swap with Adriana Lima, but my little sister Amanda (13) gets jealous. As I'm a good sister, I give her the chance to be the swapped one. The scientists make a mistake, though, and she's transformed into Bar Refaeli instead.

    She doesn't mind, and she loves being so beautiful and older than me (I'm 16), but because it was a mistake from the scientists, they give me another complimentary free swap. Thus, I get to become Adriana Lima. Anyway, because of all the mistakes, all swaps are made permanent. The models are horrified, but we love it.


  7. Is it possible to submit pictures of people to swap with like friends?


    1. How should I submit the request? via email or comment or request section?


    2. Whatever works for you. Email might be easier for me to organize.

  8. Could i switch bodies with a redhead and we like it each others bodies and dont switch back

  9. Could I be swapped with Emelia Clarke? Could it also be an accidental swap (I meant to switch with a friend but there was a mistake)? Thanks!



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