Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Friendly Adventure (Part 3)

Part 3


  1. Question: Where do the body's original owner go and do they know if they've been swapped?

    1. Well since this is a possession, the original owners' minds are suppressed. As for if they're aware or not... we'll see I guess?

  2. Hey! First of all, congratulations for all your work, I love your caps =D and second, could i request a caption? What about a trait swap? Two cousins, a MILF 39 years old woman who was afraid of became older, and a fat nerd twenty somethings guy who's tired of being the living joke of everybody.
    The nerd guy thought life would be easier in his cousin body, but after some mounths, he start to have difficulties to live the life of a MILF and popular grown woman and regret the trait. While the girl (in her cousin body) became the most popular guy in college.
    Could you do it? Thanks and regards =)

  3. Please, please, please, can you make one of their next stops be the bodies of a couple of strippers, getting ready at the locker room? Thanks a lot, I love this series!

    Two image suggestions:


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