Monday, September 30, 2019

Wait it Out


  1. And what body did the one year old get?
    How would that one year bold react?

  2. could you do some pregnancy captions?

  3. I want to read one where some guy was aiming to bodyswap or posses a hot mom but ends up as her baby

  4. I think Becca won the body lottery getting to start over again as an Asian girl.

  5. I'm so happy for the nerdy boy!!! I love stories like that!!!


  6. Interesting spin on the great shift. It makes me think a version of the shift might be having it happen once a year at midnight on new years. Then it would be predictable and a lot of the chaos, like car crashes and things like that could be avoided. Another twist might be it only affects 25% of the population at a time. So over a life time odds would be really high you'd be shifted several times. Another twist might be a range limit. Like you only get shifted into a body within a few miles of your location. lol - Anyway good story.

  7. story (maid-bot) there is similar history in the same stile

  8. Some ideas for absorption captions (multipart would be fantastic, but not required):

    1) A goth girl in high school is traveling with her older brother's friend, who is one of the few people who doesn't treat her as an outcast. He's 20, and they get pulled over on Halloween for a broken tail light. However, the female cop sees booze in the back seat and tries to arrest him. The girl touches the cop by mistake, and her black ring glows bright red. She absorbs the cop's body, and grows into a buxom 20-year old wearing a sexy cop costume. She and her new crush then travel together to the same Halloween party as a couple.

    2) A black girl tries to swap with her crush's girlfriend, but accidentally casts onto his girlfriend's mother. She absorbs the older woman, and grows into a curvaceous black cougar.

    3) A woman in prison absorbs several fellow prisoners and the female warden, allowing her to escape.

    4) An obese black woman absorbs a tiny Asian cleaning maid in her hotel room, transforming into a beautiful blasian woman.

    Non-absorption captions:

    1) A mother tries to punish her daughter for dating a gamer by swapping wrinkles and back pain. However, the spell misfires, and turns both of them into a pair of 30-year old twins attracted to the same guy.

    2) A goth girl has a crush on a guy, and spikes his girlfriend's drink to swap places. Because of the full moon, however, the effects only last the night. When the next full moon comes, they transform again. As each full moon passes, they begin to swap/share traits until they become twin sisters. The whole process lasts 1 lunar year.

    3) A mousey, insecure woman discovers that her new boyfriend is being cyberbullied by his exes. So she conspires with him to steal their desirable attributes, leaving them less attractive than before. After stealing their attributes, she is a tall, curvy redhead.

    4) A feminist wants to cure men by turning them into women. She accidentally spills some liquid onto herself, but isn't afraid of the results since she's already a woman. However, she begins changing until she turns into her shy lab assistant. Her lab assistant had changed the formula and booby-trapped the vial in order to stop her. However, the old feminist's confidence seeped over, and now her doppelganger is making moves on her boyfriend. So she works tirelessly on a new formula to change her into somebody else- anybody! She takes several transformations before the attraction stops carrying over.

    I prefer F2f over M2f, and I'd ask if you could avoid anything remotely incestuous.

    1. I rather they are MTF and very incestuous

    2. That comment was crass and utterly unnecessary. If you can't come up with original ideas, then don't go out of your way to mock others who can.


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