Thursday, September 26, 2019


Another request taken in a direction the 
requester surely didn't want it... tehswitcher,
such a selfish jerk! This one was meant to be
a "real you" cap with the first pic as the request.

Part 1

Part 2

"So i have this pic. Kinda shows who the real me i sometimes feel inside is. I always think about how the other side is but i don't want to alter my body but hop inside another person to see how it is. Much like this; I somehow come across a possession spell and hop into this girl and within a month i decided i wanna stay her forever.  

Her face does exudes friendliness but to other people she looks like she's mad about something much like me. When i don't smile or relax my face i either look tired or annoyed lol"


  1. Nice i love it thank you. I agree that is a double edge sword to deal with haha

  2. Could you pretty please do a caption where a guy (Tanner) and a girl (Hannah) who are best friends swap bodies to see what it's like to date as the other gender. They use a spell which will also swap their orientations So when Tanner is a girl she is into guys but, Hannah is still attracted to guys even as a guy and she realizes Tanner is gay. She confronts Tanner about it and he realizes his male body had been stopping him from realizing it. In the end maybe they swap back and Tanner is her gay best friend or whatever you think would be best.

  3. I like the idea behind "The real you" swaps. So many ways to go . . .


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