Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here's the finished request of the day, requested by yet another Anonymous guest!
Part 1

Part 2


  1. Poor Madison! Hows Gillian doing with her new life, parents & BF?

    1. Gillian loves everything about her life. She enjoys having people look at her with envy, her parents providing her with everything, and her boyfriend loving her for her body (he's a little confused on why her personality has changed so much, and isn't too happy about it).

      But as you could expect, after a while, the habits from her old body start to arise. She starts overeating, not exercising, and basically let's herself go. I tried to make it apparent that Madison was the better personality of the two here. She's ambitious and proactive while Gillian is lazy.

  2. I hope Madison will succeed to make Gillian's body a pure beauty. After all, Gillan was just fat but she doesn't seem ugly.

  3. I just love love LOVE this caption, and would really enjoy seeing a that shows how Gillian ends up fattening her stolen body and Madison ends up look thin and hot again thanks,


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