Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here's a granny-swap for Freakazoid... No granny pic for this, but hopefully you guys get the idea!


  1. Replies
    1. WOW POWERFUL HORROR story. what an evil grandmother! Hows the poor young girl doing?

    2. Well she of course tried to claim her body was stolen to her mother (who is the daughter of the body she now inhabits), but they wrote her off as being senile. So much, in fact, that they put her in a nursing home...

      Kinda sad. :(

    3. These are great. My favorite kinds. You should do more grandma or aunt swaps with granddaughters and nieces. Well... I sound like a jerk demanding. I love your pics. Your one of the best I've had the pleasure of following.

    4. No way! I see no jerks around! You guys are so kind to me. :3

      I'll put a granny-granddaughter cap in just for you and Freakazoid-- for this update! ^.^

  2. what fonts do you use in your captions?
    and I have some captions but I don't know mush about butting them online , how can I send them to you to post it in your blog ,please?

    1. Hey bud.
      I use the Kristen ITC font. It's just a regular, stock font.

      As for the captions, I don't post anyone else's work on here, but if you want to make your own caption blog, you can go ahead and sign up and create your own using the "Create Blog" link at the top-right of this site.

      Once you get through that, you can go ahead and just create posts, putting images in through a graphical user-interface - it's all very straight-forward and user-friendly.

      If you don't want to deal with all that, there's all sorts of yahoo groups you can find at that love having people put in their own work!

  3. Just saw your Blog and found it interesting to say the least. How about one with malfunctioning body suits. Husband and wife put on opposite gender bodysuits but the mans suit malfunctions. First he was very tall and the suit was only about 5 feet tall and when he takes off the suit he doesn't fully return. He gets his manhood back but stays short and looks more like a woman than a man. His actions with the bodysuit stay with him so he acts and reacts like a woman. Well hope you like the idea.


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