Sunday, March 25, 2012

Series List

Hey guys. Another addition to the Pinned Post list of links (on the side).
I always used to want to keep track of all the series on people's blogs, so this page will do that. I'll update this list with all of the series I've done, and have links to their parts. Hope this is appreciated!

Series List (in alphabetical order) - if in bold, the series is over; #-sign means there isn't a continuous plot

Once these get unruly, I might add subheadings with labels like "mother/daughter" or something to make it easier. Or maybe I'll put a poll up to see what you guys want most...


  1. Mh, Francis from "Tastes Gross" should be here too, starring in his own series :\

    1. Hm... maybe! I'll keep that in mind! Maybe he'll start using his chemical concoctions for more bodies. :o

    2. you should do one where there is a family who is visiting their grandparents and they all get shifted by the great shift
      grandpa<->(busty) daughter

  2. iv got an idea for you theswitcher a young man named james goes to a bodysuit store and the owner gives him three choices of two different bodysuits. one black headed female bodysuit and one red head female bodysuit and the second choice is between a burnette headed one and a granny. and the third choice is between a blonde bimbo and a black girl.

  3. I would like to see a caption with a boyfriend and girlfriend swapping one preferably like I feel ya with pictures very similar to that caption

  4. I'd like to see this story done in your amazing caption style:

    A family is coming to grips with the Great Shift. The youngest daughter shifted into her busty teenage older sister and the mom shifted into the teenage girl's boyfriend. Meanwhile the teenage girl is in her dad's body and the dad is the mom's. All are trying to trying to not only figure out their new bodies, but also the growing attraction to one another.


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