Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tastes Gross (Part 1)

And here's a mother/son for ya. BUT, it's my first transformation cap.
Sorry, not a body swap. But don't fear-- they'll come in good time!
Links: Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


  1. Uh, Francis' mom is kinda fugly IMO. But he could make a potion with the hairs of a sexy class mate...

  2. That might be some other / not so fugly versions of Francis:

    On a side note, maybe the mixture has some unintended side effects? Like he got the estrogen to high, and turns into women when they're in their period...

  3. Or hey, maybe something goes wrong and he turns into a younger version of his mom (2nd pic)?
    In any case go on with the great work, the occassional transformation cap is even better ;)

  4. Still another idea: Francis' DNA has become unstable now so he/she will turn into anybody whose DNA he/she comes in close contact with...

  5. gugubu > I like the idea of the younger version of the mom :)

    1. Hehe, yeah ;)
      But the author of this cap should make it so that he/she acts especially more lady or unladylike (like her 'queefing' or exploring her new body or something).

      Or maybe Francis is now in even more trouble bc his body will disolve after one day into an animated goo and it'll have to find a new DNA to change into ;)

    2. Thanks for the feedback gugubu & Freakazoid!
      Sorry about the picture! :( I wanted to make this more of an unfortunate thing that had to happen rather than something the son could enjoy-- but thanks for the ideas!

  6. Could you do a celebrity version of this? Like where a boy makes a potion and becomes different celebrities?

  7. could you do a caption about a punk girl stealing the body of a guy in his early 20s leaving him trapped in hers.


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