Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swapping Powers Activate!

More race swaps for ya. 
Part 1

Part 2


  1. Intertsing but too many holes. does only Karey have the powdeer? Is susposed to be willing? Do they live as each other or keep the same name & family?

    1. Yeah this one was something I had actually thought through but didn't write out cause the story'd be too long (I didn't have enough pics of these girls to continue). Anyways...

      - It's a gene that's somehow passed to your kin even if you've switched bodies. Karey was an only child, so she's the only one to have it.

      - It emerges on your 19th birthday, but you can only use it once!

      - Monique wasn't willing at all. Karey force-swapped with her.

      - Yes, they do live each others' lives. It's almost like moving out to college away from your parents. Of course your old parents will acknowledge you as their child, but they accept that you're moving on to a new body and life.

      - As for how realistic assimilating into the new body is... that depends. So if you do your research you can assimilate pretty well of course while if you don't it might be different.

      Hope that answered some of your questions!


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