Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Passing Through (Part 1)

Here's bent730's awesome request!
I really, really liked his idea, so I got right onto making it!

Part 1A

Part 1B

Part 1C
Links: Part 2Part 3

I hope you guys are excited as I am for the future of this storyline!

Thanks to this artist for the picture in Part 1A.


  1. Fantastic so far!!! I love it! I get the impression that Janelle may have been sleeping in that outfit on purpose knowing that Joss was floating around the house......perhaps to tempt him? Perhaps Natalie is not the only one who wanted him to possess her. ;) Anyway, certainly can't blame him for possessing Janelle's body first. Curious to know what the rest of Joss and Sasha's conversation will entail. This is fantastic, keep it up!!! :)

    1. That wouldn't be a bad assumption.
      I think you'll like where this is going bent730. ;D

      Thanks again for the fun idea!


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