Thursday, March 15, 2012

Envy is Expensive

Alright. So I'll be ending my clump of caps with the following...
More Swapifieds! (as if you care)


  1. Good story How does the new Julia feel about the swap?

  2. I always wanna go one forever with these stories, but never want to cause of the text. Anyways-- if I were to extend this I might say something like...

    The new Jodie, on the other hand, regretted her decision everyday she woke up and looked in the mirror. Sure she was rich beyond belief, but she missed all of the attention she got from guys and the confidence she felt in her body.

    She didn't realize how easy life was being beautiful. And now she was paying the price-- not with money, but with her happiness.

    I also realized a silly continuity error in this cap... whoops! Thanks for the comment eotten!


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